jdkTV Episode 18 Now Available on NicoDouga


Episode18 of jdkTV features part of the talk show with Toshiharu Okajima and Toshihiro Kondo during the Falcom Exhibit that took place during September.

Okaji and Kondo pour over a chronological list of games released by Falcom with many anecdotes for in-company development. One of the things that Kondo points out that Ys I Eternal is a turning point game for the company. Many of the games that preceded it were enjoyed, even by the staff, as players of the games. And those earlier games ended up influencing the development of the games that have been made from Ys I Eternal and onwards.

There are a lot of interesting comments made regarding the company’s history- such as the debate between making a new Ys title (which would become Ys VI), or making Ys III Eternal- or Kondo’s first Falcom title. There’s talk about Xanadu Next and the effect that Sora no Kiseki FC had on the company, as well.

The interview is cut short, however, with a promise that it will be to be continued in the next jdkTV episode. So stay tuned!


The end of the video is marked with a short excerpt from one of the Falcom jdk Live & Talk Show events on 9/27, with the band playing an acoustic version of Fate of the Fairies from Sora no Kiseki SC. (Despite the mislabeling on the video?)

You can find the full video here.

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