Scherazard, Agate, and Other Characters Returning for Akatsuki no Kiseki


Since last week, Falcom’s been tweeting out some silhouettes, but this morning, they tweeted a picture of Scherazard, sporting her new look from Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, with the Akatsuki no Kiseki logo.

In the magazine leaks earlier this week, it’s been confirmed that Scherazard, Agate, Anelace, Keer (Kyle) Capua, and Josette Capua from the Sora no Kiseki series will appear in the game. Alongside the Sora characters, Eolia (the first silhouette), Lynn (the second silhouette), Scott, and Winchell, the Bracers from the Crossbell branch of the Bracers Guild, from Zero and Ao no Kiseki will also be appearing in the game.

Falcom promises more information in the Dengeki Playstation and Famitsu issues that are released on Christmas day. These issues will also finally contain information on Tokyo Xanadu, and the new Evolution project. I will write up more information on the articles when the magazines come out.

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