Popful Mail Soundbox ’94 Now Available Digitally on Amazon

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Asalways, the links in this article are for Amazon.com, but as Falcom is making these available on multiple regions of Amazon (by posting them on Amazon.co.jp), if you can’t purchase digital albums from the US site, then check your own region- they may be available there as well.

These albums are also available on iTunes, music.jp, mora, and animelo mix.

This album is available for .99, or $.99 per track.

You can purchase this album here, though if you wish to support my site at no cost to yourself, please use this link instead.

Tracklist behind the cut.

Track Disc 1 Disc 2
1 [Super Famicom Version] Logotype [Mega CD Version] Backup Creation
2 [Super Famicom Version] Welcome Popful Mail [Mega CD Version] Advent Hero – Distant Valhalla
3 [Super Famicom Version] White Clouds in the Sky [Mega CD Version] Opening
4 [Super Famicom Version] Haste Makes Waste [Mega CD Version] Jungle (Exploration)
5 [Super Famicom Version] Miena Fortress [Mega CD Version] Jungle (Battle)
6 [Super Famicom Version] Bar Basso [Mega CD Version] Shop
7 [Super Famicom Version] You’re Important [Mega CD Version] Boss
8 [Super Famicom Version] Shop [Mega CD Version] Game Over
9 [Super Famicom Version] Popful Mail World [Mega CD Version] Cave (Exploration)
10 [Super Famicom Version] Jungle [Mega CD Version] Cave (Battle)
11 [Super Famicom Version] Powerful Guy [Mega CD Version] Stage Boss
12 [Super Famicom Version] Tensions [Mega CD Version] Volcanic Zone (Battle)
13 [Super Famicom Version] Boss [Mega CD Version] Volcanic Zone (Exploration)
14 [Super Famicom Version] Lose Heart [Mega CD Version] Ice Berg (Exploration)
15 [Super Famicom Version] Ancient Cave [Mega CD Version] Ice Berg (Battle)
16 [Super Famicom Version] Stage Boss [Mega CD Version] Castle (Exploration)
17 [Super Famicom Version] Game Over [Mega CD Version] Castle (Battle)
18 [Super Famicom Version] Treasure Box [Mega CD Version] Geist Race
19 [Super Famicom Version] Guardess Ruins [Mega CD Version] Ending
20 [Super Famicom Version] Hagel Island [PC Engine Version] Backup Creation
21 [Super Famicom Version] Alcazar Castle [PC Engine Version] Jungle (Exploration)
22 [Super Famicom Version] Lucina Shrine [PC Engine Version] Jungle (Battle)
23 [Super Famicom Version] Lucina [PC Engine Version] Boss
24 [Super Famicom Version] Footsteps of Destruction [PC Engine Version] Jungle – Cave
25 [Super Famicom Version] Destiny [PC Engine Version] Cave (Exploration)
26 [Super Famicom Version] Geist Race [PC Engine Version] Cave (Battle)
27 [Super Famicom Version] Road Leading to Tomorrow [PC Engine Version] Stage Boss
28 [Super Famicom Version] “Dareka ga Anata o Aishiteru” (Somebody Loves You) [PC Engine Version] Volcanic Zone (Exploration)
29   [PC Engine Version] Volcanic Zone (Battle)
30   [PC Engine Version] Volcanic Zone – Ice Berg
31   [PC Engine Version] Ice Berg (Exploration)
32   [PC Engine Version] Ice Berg (Battle)
33   [PC Engine Version] Castle (Exploration)
34   [PC Engine Version] Castle (Battle)
35   [PC Engine Version] Last Stage
36   [PC Engine Version] Geist Race
37   [Ending Theme Re-Mix Version] “Dareka ga Anata o Aishiteru”

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