Tokyo Xanadu Patch 1.02 Now Live and new DLC Available


Patch 1.02

Falcom has revealed that the latest patch for Tokyo Xanadu has gone live on PSN.

This patch addresses the following:

  • While a message is up, using the ‘R’ button will activate the Auto-Message Functionality.
  • A known issue that prevented being rewarded the ‘SSS Ranker’ trophy has been fixed.
  • Various typos and omitted words have also been corrected in the game script.

They have also made a note that if you have completed the requirements for the SSS Ranker trophy before the patch, you just need to complete a dungeon and the game will recognize it and reward you with the trophy.



NiAR wallpapers for Shio, Mitsuki, and Shiori, as well as the pack for all three are now available.

The individual DLC wallpapers are 100 yen each, while the 3-pack is 200 yen.

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