Xanadu Complete Collection Available for Preorder for 30th Anniversary


Falcom has revealed that they are now taking preorders for a 30th anniversary collection box called the Xanadu Complete Collection, developed by SB Creative.

This is a collection of the Xanadu games, updated to be playable on PCs running up to Windows 10. The box contains the following:
* Xanadu (Originally released for PC-8801 in 1985.)
* Xanadu Scenario II (Originally released for PC-8801 in 1986.)
* Revival Xanadu (Originally released for PC-9801 in 1995.)
* Revival Xanadu 2 (Originally released for PC-9801 in 1995.)
* Revival Xanadu Easy Version (Originally released for PC-9801 in 1995.)
* Legend of Xanadu (Originally released for PC Engine in 1994.)
* Legend of Xanadu II (Originally released for PC Engine in 1995.)

For the first time since the original release of Revival Xanadu, the Xanadu Visual Collection CD will be included. Also included will be a book that contains maps for every stage and tower found from Xanadu through to Revival Xanadu 2.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a limited edition preorder- SB Creative plans to only make the number of boxes that have been preordered.

If you are interested in this limited box, you will need to be sure you make your preorder before 11/3. (The date will be added to the site’s calendar.)

The set is priced at 9801 yen (totally not a coincidence) before tax, and it is planned for release during the last part of December.

[ Xanadu Complete Collection – Falcom Online Store ]
[ SB Creative Product Page ]

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