Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Original Soundtrack to be Released on 1/15/2016

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Falcom has announced that the Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution soundtrack will be on sale on 1/15/2016. It is currently available for preorder from their online shop.

This, iTunes, Amazon, and mora. It will also be available in hi-res formats through e-onkyo and the mora hi-res shop.

Falcom Shop Product Number: M086
Music Contents: 2 discs w/ 48 tracks total.
Release Date: 1/15/2016
Price: Physical Copy – 2980 yen; Download Version – 2400 yen; hi-res version: 2700 yen

Disc 1 Disc 2
1. Silver Will, Golden Wings 1. Hidden True Form
2. Welcome to Lu Locle 2. Enforcers
3. Strepitoso Fight 3. Fateful Confrontation
4. Fight with Assailant 4. Unleashed Greatest Treasure
5. Feelings Soar With the Wind SC Ver. The City Where the Lights Went Out
6. Obstructive Existence 6. Silver Will Super Arrange Ver.
7. Feeling Danger Nearby 7. On the Side of the Goddess
8. Sora wo Miagete 8. Broken Wings
9. Conspiracy 9. Floating City Liber-Ark
10. Be Depressed 10. Aiming for the Future
11. Visions 11. Central Tower “Axis-Pillar”
12. Continuation of the Dream 12. Gravestone Struck by Lightning
13. Lurking Shadow in the Wilderness 13. The Truth Behind the Tragedy
14. Great Awe 14. Outskirts of Evolution
15. Infiltration 15. The Merciless Savior
16. Heartless Surprise Attack 16. Back to Friends
17. Flying Battleship Glorious 17. Whereabouts of Hope
18. Etude of the Ruin 18. Where the Bonds Are
19. Gospel Project 19. I swear…
20. Hamel 20. Shine of Eidos ~ Sora no Kiseki
21. Looming Threat  
22. The Fate of the Fairies  
23. Where the Stars Are Instrumental Version  

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