Akatsuki no Kiseki Service Beginning Soon in 2016


Many questions have been asked about the start of Akatsuki no Kiseki since its announcement, but Falcom has confirmed that service will start in 2016. The game was announced as a 10th Anniversary title.

To this point, the Kiseki series has always taken place in the same setting, the Zemuria Continent, and this particular title will be no exception. We will be seeing the locations of Crossbell State, the Liberl Kingdom, and- for the first time- The Principality of Remiferia. The game will follow new, novice Bracers, Nacht Weis and Chloe Barnett and many other characters from previous titles as a new story unfolds. This online story RPG will has a dramatic story and features many online elements.

This game is being developed by UserJoy of China.

Screenshots and character art can be found behind the cut.

Novice Bracer - Nacht Weiss
Novice Bracer – Nacht Weiss
Novice Bracer - Chloe Barnett
Novice Bracer – Chloe Barnett
Crossbell Police Investigator - Ronald Griffin
Crossbell Police Investigator – Ronald Griffin
Elfentique Company Manager Rieve
Elfentique Company Manager Rieve
Crossbell Police Operator - Jillian Skye
Crossbell Police Operator – Jillian Skye

[ Falcom IR Report (PDF) ]
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[ UserJoy Games Website ]

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2 Replies to “Akatsuki no Kiseki Service Beginning Soon in 2016”

  1. Wow it looks amazing and I always love cel shading!!
    Oh man, I’m sure it will never come across to the western region…
    I wish they’re gonna port it to PSVITA and make it offline.

  2. Oh, looks like Estelle will be returning too! We can see her on the 3rd screenshot.
    I wish they’d localize this one too but since it’s an online game, I don’t know what are its chances…

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