Falcom Hinting on Twitter About An Announcement This Week


Please note, that this is under the rumors category. Much of this tweet is speculative with a fairly significant amount of evidence to back it.

This evening, we’ve seen an interesting tweet from Falcom:

This tweet is saying that they suspect an announcement will happen this week because of how busy it is in the office.

Two weeks ago, I also posted a tweet due to information I’ve managed to get my hands on:

This is from the fact that on 11/30/2015, Falcom revealed the data to their shareholders that the annual 2015 EOY Shareholders meeting is to happen on 12/16- this week. Reliably in the past, Falcom has announced games during the other meetings: Tokyo Xanadu, Sen no Kiseki, and Sen no Kiseki II are all in this list of announcements.

The image of Karna in the tweet is also telling, as people have been predicting that the next announcement we’re going to get is Ys VIII. The use of an Ys image along with tweet adds weight to the belief that we will finally see more of the highly anticipated new title for the Ys series.

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