Question and Answers from the 2015 Falcom Stockholders Meeting

Photo taken by @umechara on Twitter
Photo taken by @umechara on Twitter

While I will have a more detailed report once I see them go live, the question and answer session at the end of the stockholders meeting almost always hints as some interesting news. I will post a more detailed report once I see my regular source go live with his report on the meeting.

Many thanks to @umechara and @michsuzu who were both in attendance of the meeting in Tachikawa today, and providing information from the meeting via twitter!

I spoke about these on twitter, but feel that it’s easier to simply put the questions and answers all in one place, especially due to twitter’s character limit.

Q1: Will there be a launch into the smartphone market?
A1: This is an extremely large market, and some attempts to step into it have not gone through smoothly. However, there are licenses currently in negotiation and there may be some large announcements in the future.

Q2: What is the reason for the switch over from the Mothers List to the Second Section?
A2: When a company is not meeting the market cap of the mother’s list, it is then moved to the Second Section. However, it is not uncommon for a company that shows high-growth once again to be returned to the Mothers List.

Note: The Second Section is a particular list that’s different from the First Section (for large-scale companies) and the Mothers List (for high-growth and emerging stocks).

BIG NOTE: Question/Answer 2 is very rough because I actually struggle with financial information and the stock exchange is well over my head! So please let me know if my attempt to translate this question is wrong so that I can correct it.

Q3: What was the cause of the lower financials?
A3: The downward trend was announced at the last minute in September, but was caused due to freight issues with Tokyo Xanadu and licensing matters.

Q4: Information regarding overseas expansion?
A4: With releases on PS, and PC/Steam in North America, the Kiseki and Ys series have both seen great popularity, and Tokyo Xanadu is under plans for expansion. Smartphone promotion in Europe is planned. Ys for PlayStation is expected for release in the Asia territory. Sales estimations are currently unknown.

Q5: Information about the increased percentage to outsourcing costs?
A5: As the amount of 3D development workload increases, other tasks may not be able to be handled in-house. In order to maintain Falcom’s particular style, it’s difficult to just hire on new people. Most recent major outsourcing was for an opening animation. (editor’s note: I suspect this is Tokyo Xanadu’s opening.)

Q6: When considering the demands for high level technology with the PS4, how do you intend to enter this marketplace?
A6: This has been a matter of trial and error. With the PS3, it was a matter of making the graphics look good on the system, then ensuring they can be transferred to the Vita.

Q7: What are sales comparisons between domestic (Japan) and overseas sales?
A7: Sen no Kiseki’s release in Asia saw numbers of 0.5 to 1 when compared to the Japanese release. The early launch for Memories of Celceta in North America originally surpassed the initial launch in Japan. However, eventually there were overwhelming sales domestically, with Japan surpassing it by 3 ~ 4 times the amount.

Q8: Will there be a continuation of Tokyo Xanadu?
A8: The lowest possible quota for such a thing was 50,000 units sold, but three times that was sold. Please wait for a follow-up on this.

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  1. Glad to here that Tokyo Xanadu sold way above expectations in Japan – hopefully it’s mention in the meeting means it’ll be coming westward from XSEED sometime next year. :)

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