[Translation Tuesday] Trails in the Sky the 3rd – Star Door #13


Welcome to Translation Tuesday, the column that happens every other Tuesday, featuring a translation of some piece of lore from Falcom’s games. Everything you will find in this column is either going to be from a game that isn’t released in English, and has some relevance to a game that is released, or is forthcoming- or something that isn’t in any of the games, but has something to do with the lore of the series it is connected to. Falcom has had a lengthy history of publishing information for the Kiseki/Trails series, for example, that is an important piece of detail for the series as a whole, but isn’t actually in a game, rather a drama CD or one of the source books for the series.

That’s where this column comes in. This is the opportunity to celebrate additional writing from the series, and the translators that have helped the fan community over the years.

This week’s column, as mentioned in the title, features one of the Star Doors from the Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the 3rd. There is a mechanic where these memory doors can be accessed and information that is relevant to the series will be played out in the form of an in-game cutscene, or in a visual novel format.

The doors that have been picked to start Translation Tuesday are all relevant to Trails of Cold Steel, which is coming out on 12/22.

The first door selected tells what happened to the Erebonian Bracers Guilds during Trails in the Sky FC. Cassius received a letter in the game’s prologue and had to disappear for the entirety of the game. You might actually see the end result of this particular door when you play Trails of Cold Steel.

The video below is a combination of efforts from myself and Guan (@Gu4n on twitter). Guan was the primary translator on this and did some editing, whereas the timing, editing, and encoding were all my work. The credits are also included at the end of the video.

(video link removed – Go play Trails in the Sky the 3rd!)

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7 Replies to “[Translation Tuesday] Trails in the Sky the 3rd – Star Door #13”

  1. Thanks, and great job!

    I really hope Olivier’s rival is in the running for a Tuesday, it’s not nearly as vital as many of the other scenes in 3rd but it still sounds really enjoyable to read.

  2. Thanks! By the way, even after reading your translation, I’m still confused how C.B. caught the perpetrators in the end. Was the army in cohorts with the Jaegers and C.B. purposely let false information leak to the Jaegers?

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