Falcom Year-End Special Part 2 – Win8 Version Ys ‘4 Title’ + Artbook Set


Some issues this week have caused for delay in getting this to you guys, and I apologize for that. So as a result, take into account that this will need to be jumped on fast if you’re interested, since it ends on Monday.

Falcom is continuing with the Ys trend for a second part to their year end special, this time containing 4 PC games in a steeply discounted bundle.

Note: The Ys I & II Chronicles and Ark of Napishtim will not contain the changes featured in the XSEED Games releases on Steam.

Ys I & II Chronicles (Win8) (Originally for 3200 yen)
Ys the Oath in Felghana (Win8) (Originally for 3200 yen)
Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim (Win8) (Originally for 3200 yen)
Ys Origin (Win8) (Originally for 3200 yen)
Ys the Artbook (Originally for 3200 yen)
Original Stickers (Not for Sale)
Special Community Information Sheet ‘Tachikawa Xanadu’ (Not for Sale)

The total retail cost of this set is 16,000 yen. The special price is –> 7,800 yen!

This order is good until 1/18, or until 40 orders have been made.

Order # 2802 ?952?953?954?955?B88?

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

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