[Translation Tuesday] The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgment – Prologue


Though this does use ‘Zero no Kiseki’ in the title, this week’s Translation Tuesday still holds some relevance to Trails of Cold Steel, as it introduces an Erebonian bracer named Toval, who you meet during the game. The reason this is connected to Zero no Kiseki, is that this manga series explains what Estelle and Joshua are doing in Crossbell when the game begins.

The Ring of Judgment expands on the incident involving the Bracers Guild in the first Translation Tuesday a few weeks ago, but it also brings in Estelle and Joshua, and you can see part of their journey that begins at the end of Second Chapter.

I’ve been involved in translating Ring of Judgment in the past, but for now, it will just be the prologue, and I will eventually do re-edit works of the original releases of Ring of Judgment that I did for Eidenyaku.

This week was also supposed to feature another video, this one being Star Door #14 from Trails in the Sky the 3rd. However at the last minute, some production and technical issues showed up to make the subtitles far more difficult to encode, despite the translation being complete. A new method for this is being investigated- and if it works out, this new method will be used for the next two columns as well.

But for now, please enjoy this short, seven page prologue of the Ring of Judgment story. (And I may randomly post the two bonus pages some day if people are interested.)

Translation and Editing: omgfloofy
Proofreading: Gu4n and Yotaka

Though it may be straight forward for most, please remember that this is a Japanese manga and it hasn’t been flipped. As a result, remember to read from right to left!

The high quality downloadable version is linked below:

And below are lower quality pages that you can view directly from this post
EDIT on 5-15-2017: I have removed the directly viewed images, as they are out of date by two versions. Please use the downloader link above.

And to continue reading the rest of the series:
Ring of Judgment Chapter 1
Ring of Judgment Chapter 2
Ring of Judgment Chapter 3
Ring of Judgment Chapter 4
Ring of Judgment Epilogue

10 Replies to “[Translation Tuesday] The Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgment – Prologue”

  1. Thank you for putting that out! That was a good read.
    Just a tiny question: I got interested in the rest of the manga, are there spoilers for the 3rd in it?

    1. Only minor spoilers, as far as I recall. You may get hints about a character who shows up in 3rd’s prologue and epilogue (though she was introduced in FC/SC indirectly)… I’m trying to think of other things in it outside of that.

      There’s the fact that you get some context on Estelle and Joshua doing /this/ in particular when 3rd happens… but outside of that, nothing of 3rd’s main story.

      1. If the spoilers are only minor then I don’t mind too much. I think I’ll give it a shot.
        Thanks for answering :)

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