Falcom 35th Anniversary Goods Contest


Falcom is currently having a drawing for the time being for a batch of rare goods to celebrate and thank the fans for 35 years.

Until 3/13/2016, you can enter to be part of the drawing, with the winners being contacted on 3/14. They are only permitting one entry per email address.

This includes PSV Starter Kit and a number of rare Falcom goods. 35 names will be drawn total.


The prizes and number of winners are below:

  1. PlayStation Vita Starter Kit + 1 Falcom Game – 3 Winners
  2. Falcom Music CD – 5 Winners
  3. Ys Clear File – 5 Winners
  4. Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary Stamp Set (Stamp Sheet + Postcard Set + Clear File) – 5 Winners
  5. Tokyo Xanadu T-Shirt and Cap Set – 2 Winners
  6. Misshie Charm – 2 Winners
  7. 4 Falcom Clear Files – 5 Winners
  8. Tokyo Xanadu Postcard Set – 10 Winners

All winners receive a special sticker set as well.

Entering is easy. Click on the blue button in the middle of the page, and fill out the form as shown below:


Before you submit, please make note of the following information:
* If you have not subscribed to it, entering this contest will have you subscribed to the Falcom News Express.

Supplementary Info for Prize Winners:
* If you win the PSVita and Game prize, you will be contacted about which game you want.
* If you win the CD prize, you will be contacted about which music CD you want.
* There is no selection for any of the Clear Files. These will be selected by the Falcom staff.

Good luck, if you choose to enter!

[ Falcom 35th Anniversary Gift Contest ]

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