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This has come up on a semi-regular basis. There are people who aren’t aware of how extensive the changes to the PSP version of Trails in the Sky the 3rd were. Most people are only aware of the fact that Falcom cut about 2/3rds of the content of one of the extra stories in the game and looked down on it.

However, there are many of us who have said that, with the exception of that edit, the PSP version could definitely be seen as the definitive version of the game, simply due to the rebalancing it had done to it all over the board.

Originally, this week’s Translation Tuesday was supposed to be my final door translation from 3rd, but to respect the announcement made by XSEED on 3/11, I have decided to replace it, instead, with a special one to celebrate our version of the game. While our release of Trails in the Sky the 3rd will not be edited down like the PSP version in Japan, the word is out that Sara’s attempting to bring all the PSP changes over to the PC release in 2017, giving us what they do not have in Japanese.

This IS a translation of a list, but it’s not something officially published by Falcom. In this case, I’m publishing the list from this Japanese wiki. I will warn that there are, obviously, spoilers in it.

Translation and editing work done by me (omgfloofy), and QA by Yotaka and Guan.


  • Japanese PSP Version Release Date: 7/24/2008
  • Preorder Bonus: Sora no Kiseki artbook (48 all-color pages)
  • Extra Note: Typos are present in the artbook.

System Information

Additional Difficulty Levels


Easy, Hard, and Nightmare have all been added to the game.

However, like the difficulties in the others in the Sora trilogy, 3rd was not balanced for the other difficulties in the first place only normal. Even with all the changes in the PSP version of 3rd, you will run into similar situations with Hard and Nightmare.)

S-Craft Skip Function Added


When pressing the start key, you can skip an S-Craft animation.

Door Event Skip Function Added


By pressing the start key during the events of one of the doors, you will be able to skip the door completely.

However, if you do so, you will not receive the rewards from it.

Additional Functions in Orbment Menu


Two new functions have been added to the Orbment menu:

  • ‘Remove all Quartz’
  • ‘Equip Optimal Quartz.’

Changes to Second Playthrough Carryover

  • Mira and Sepith
  • Items (Recovery, Food, and Zemuria Stones Included)
  • Equipment and Quartz (Up to 20 each)
  • Recipe Book and Monster Book Data
  • Character Status (Levels and Orbment Slots)

Story Changes

There will be story spoilers under each of the panels. Please view these with caution.

Sun Door 5


The Maniac Difficulty has been added to Kiseki de Pon! This difficulty includes many meta type questions related to the game engine and various ‘out of character’ aspects for the trilogy. (Such as song titles, max levels, etc.)

Star Door 8


This is not on the Wiki. This difference was, in fact, discovered by Guan and myself while working on Translation Tuesday.

A couple of the lines in the scene with Osborne showing up at Grancel Castle were changed from the PC version to the PSP version.

Star Door 15


The first two thirds of Star Door 15, specifically regarding everything about Paradise, has been cut from the game. The above screenshot is when the door starts in the PSP version.

Despite it starting at Joshua and Loewe arriving at Paradise, the infamous image from the same scene (shown below) was also removed from the game.


It is assumed that this was cut from the game to preserve the CERO rating at B, due to the content of the cut portion.

Item and Quartz Changes

SC Carry Over Items have Changed

  • SC Bracer Rank A: 200x Sepith of Each type + Sun Seal + Moon Seal
  • SC Bracer Rank B or B+: 200x Sepith of Each type + Moon Seal
  • Bracer Rank C or Lower: 200x Sepith of Each type

Description Changes

  • ‘”All Status Effects” Nullfied’ has changed to ‘”All Debuffs” Nullified’
    • Likely to alleviate confusion between the differences between Status Effects and Debuffs.

Weapon Abilities / Stats Changed

  • Sharpened Sword (Anelace) ‘Jinba’ has been strengthened dramatically. (STR+1600 ATS/ADF+150 DEX+100 AGL/SPD+20) through an event.
    • This change happens when you clear the Nightmare Battle of Sun Door 3 while Anelace is in your party.
    • The explanation for the Jinba being strengthened is the practice Anelace gets from fighting the Grand Chevalier.
  • Rare Weapons Strengthened
    • Aster +2, Essex +1, Umegae +1, Red Snow / White Rain +1, Zigeuner +1, Eine Kleine +2, Vorpal Sword +2, Hotarusetsu +1: STR+1150 increased STR+1300
    • Pendragon +2, Kurogane Arm +1: STR+1200 increased to STR+1350
    • Pompen Rocket +2: STR+1150 increased to STR+1350

Armor Abilities / Stats Changed

  • Kaleido Cage +3: DEF+1055 increased to DEF+1155, STR+40 increased to STR+80, ADF+40 increased to ADF+80
  • Schwarz Silk +3: DEF+1055 increased to DEF+1155, AGL+35 increased to AGL+60
  • Superior +3: DEF+155 increased to DEF+165
  • Peroz Rubber +3: DEF+155 increased to DEF+165, ATS/ADF+35 increased to ATS/ADF+75, MOV+5 increased to MOV+6

Accessory Abilities / Stats Changed

  • Fool’s Crest: SPD+40 decreased to SPD+25

Quartz Changes

  • Eagle Eye
    • Has the same effect of seeing enemy placement on maps as in SC.
  • Heaven’s Eye
    • Now includes the abilities from Eagle Eye and Information.

Additional Quartz

  • Time Gem (Cast 3)
    • Element: Time
    • Time x8, Space x3, Mirage x3
    • STR-20%, DEF-20%, ATS-15%, Casting Speed Dramatically Reduced
    • Obtained: Sun Door 5, on Maniac Level
  • Demonic Mirror
    • Element: Water
    • Water x8, Wind x6, Mirage x4
    • Max EP-30%, 50% Chance of Reflecting Enemy Arts
    • Obtained: In the fountain during the final chapter. Must have run from over 300 battles.
  • Heavenly Mirror
    • Element: Fire
    • Earth x6, Fire x8, Space x4
    • Max HP-20%, 50% Chance of Reflecting Enemy Physical Attacks
    • Obtained: In the fountain during the final chapter. Must have fought over 300 battles and run away from 0.
  • You can only get one or the other per playthrough for Heavenly Mirror and Demonic Mirror.

Character Changes

Due to many of the 3rd characters being listed, the names are hidden behind a spoiler block.

List of Characters Changed


  • Can now equip Long Barrel+

  • S-Craft Cannon Impulse F Modified
    • Requires key event to be cleared in the PSP version.
    • Without a carry over save, or without the SC Event Cleared, S-Craft is Cannon Impulse II.
    • II changes to F during the save file transfer.

  • Command
    • Affect changed from just STR+20%, to STR+20% and SPD+10%.
  • Mirageberg
    • CP Cost decreased from 50 CP to 30 CP.
    • CP Cost for II decreased from 50 CP to 40 CP.
    • Delay has been decreased

  • Blade Dance
    • CP Cost increased from 20 CP to 30 CP.
  • Ragna Bind
    • Craft changed to also deal damage.
  • Mirage Edge
    • Craft effect changed from Seal Arts and Seal Crafts to Seal Arts, Crafts, and Impede.
    • CP Cost decreased from 40 CP to 35 CP.

  • True – Eight-Leaf Blitz
    • CP Cost increased from 20 CP to 30 CP.
  • Fallen Leaves
    • CP Cost increased from 20 CP to 35 CP.

  • Blood Circle II
    • CP Cost increased from 25 CP to 30 CP.

Remote Ability

Character names underneath spoiler block.

Updated Remote Abilities


remote-olivier ADF+5% increased to ADF+50%.

remote-zane ATS-25% changed to ADF-25%.

remote-renne EXP+10% increased to EXP+15%.

Enemy Changes

Under a block due to spoilers.

Changes Made to Enemies

DeathsluggerAirship EmployeeDoppel Mueller

  • In the Chapter 3 Battle (Silver Road), Hades 4 Shot damage has been increased.
  • Changed from PC version. Instead of dealing damage for 1 shot, it deals damage 4 times for each animated shot.
  • Editor’s Note: Don’t be too afraid. The above gif is from Nightmare Mode. It can’t be THAT bad… can it??

  • Enemy fought on the Black Ark in Chapter 6. Name changed to Express Delivery Employee.

  • Ragna Bind has been updated to match the changes to the character’s use. (See above.)

Typos / Misprints

Under a block due to spoilers.

Corrected Typos

  • Kevin, Ries, Estelle, Tita, Josette, Scherazard, and Olivier’s Weapons
    • Description has Range+X. This has changed to be RNG+(X-1).
    • Editor’s Note: X is a variable in this case.
  • Joshua’s Weapon: Red Snow | White Rain +1
    • AGL+5 was missing in the weapon description.
  • Renne’s Weapon Stella Machina
    • Description had STR+1300, when it is actually STR+1200.

Unconfirmed Changes

Cut for Spoilers

  • Some Crafts have been strengthened.
  • Kevin, Anelace, and Mueller’s S-Crafts increased in power.
  • Some crafts and arts have had minor visual effect changes.
  • Kurt has been slightly strengthened.
  • Male-exclusive armor has an additional ATS+250. (Potentially in error. Investigation in progress.)
  • Moon Door 1 Required a Battle to Enter in the PC Version. There is no battle in the PSP version.
  • There’s still a minor issue with the Eagle Eye quartz, as you sometimes can’t see enemies until you’re right on them. Be careful, as you can’t always see their shadows, too.
  • Gilbert’s attack power decreased!

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3 Replies to “[Translation Tuesday] PSP Changes to Trails in the Sky the 3rd”

  1. That’s why I thought there was nothing that indicates Renne has imaginary friends like what’s shown in videos when I played the 3rd…

    Please lower Gilberrt’s attack power :P
    Wait. What’s the diffrence in Cannon Impulse II and F again?

  2. >This change happens when you clear the Nightmare Battle of Sun Door 3 while Anelace is in your party.
    “Nightmare Battle” means Nightmare difficulty, or it’s just the name of battle?

    >Image of 4-hitting monster on Nightmare
    Ooookay, that would be fun to beat.

    Thanks for translations.

    1. The ‘door’ itself is split into three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. — these are separate from the game’s difficulties.

      So if you’re playing the game in Nightmare mode, you get the ‘Nightmare battle’ of that door scaled up to the difficulty of Nightmare mode.

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