[Translation Tuesday] Trails in the Sky the 3rd – Star Door #8 (Part 2)


This was the first, and hopefully only, time that a Translation Tuesday had to be broken up into two weeks.

Sad to say, we are also coming to an end to the video portion (one more video translation left after this week) of this column series, and will soon be going to written translations. We don’t want to translate ALL of 3rd, and make sure Varion has some places to shine should XSEED gets to release it and he gets to work as its translator. He’s done a great job with Cold Steel and the other Falcom games he’s been involved in, and has been a fan of the series.

It will, of course, mean that we will be reaching to new topics for Translation Tuesday here soon. I have some Ys topics lined up for the future, to prove that the fun isn’t just in Kiseki.

This week’s is the continuation of Star Door #8 from Trails in the Sky the 3rd, and will feature the conclusion of Olivier and Giliath Osborne. It also has one of the iconic scenes from the game, which actually has a flashback from Trails of Cold Steel. (The image in the thumbnail and featured image for the post is actually from Cold Steel, as a result!)

This is one of the great moments of 3rd, and easily the biggest lead in to the events happening in Trails of Cold Steel. I hope you enjoy. :D

Translation: Guan
Editing: Guan, omgfloofy, Yotaka
Capture / Timing: omgfloofy
Proofing: Guan, Yotaka

(video link removed – go play Trails in the Sky the 3rd!)

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