[Sniffslation (??) Tuesday] – A Tale of Buttery Waffles and Plot Twists


We have had a temporary staff change for this week’s Translation Sniffslation Tuesday.

I’m so sorry you must experience the power of Sniff the Raven in such a deliciously glorious way.

On technical information, I want to add that this is the first video I’ve captured with my Elgato, so it is in beautiful 1080p, at 60FPS. Any other future videos captured from any of the games will be in this kind of formatting, hopefully.

Early Script Prep: Gu4n, omgfloofy
Translation (???): Sniff the Raven
Video Capture and Timing: omgfloofy
Editing: …who are we kidding, someone edited this??

oh, by the way. happy belated april fool’s day!

Backstory: In Case You Must Know

Sniff the Raven (found on twitter at @SnifftheRaven, and as Beautian on twitch.tv) is one of the old members of the Sanctuary Crew, a gaming group that I’ve belonged to for years.

I’ve known and worked with Sniff for various things for quite some time- but most of his infamous contributions have been involved with my own live streaming. He has offered his translations to viewers when I’ve been playing Japanese only games and am too absorbed to give translations on the fly. Such translations have created jokes like Trails of Cold Steel’s Class VII belonging to Applebee’s and being on a quest to find the Colonel’s secret spice. …or retelling Secret of Mana to be all about Girl Scout Cookies.

Sniff is hilariously off the cuff and random, which is a good recipe to be the trigger of running gags. If you’ve ever been on one of my streams and heard ‘Keanu Reeves!!’ – you can blame him for this. In fact, this is the infamous moment on youtube. (Warning! Spoilers, because it was during the Trails of Cold Steel final battle!)

But the best part is when Sniff takes a pre-existing running gag. Gu4n and I’ve had the ‘Motherfucking Ored’ gag for months now. He just took his old Cold Steel “translation” from my live streams, and integrated our joke in with it. And, of course, food is often involved in these cases with Sniff.

This was intended for last week, to be a slightly late April Fool’s…. but because of being very ill all last week, it looks like this is an extremely belated April Fool’s. I apologize for that and hope you all enjoy 30 minutes of complete insanity with ‘Sniffslation Tuesday.’

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