Mastiff Games Publishing Gurumin 3D to the Nintendo 3DS

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Thanks to @jdkluv for the heads up on this!

Mastiff Games announced on their official twitter account today that they will be releasing Gurumin to the Nintendo 3DS.

From the website:

Parin and her pals are on their way in full, glorious, eye-popping 3D for the Nintendo 3DSTM family of systems. All the anime flavored, female hero’d, Action-RPG goodness of Gurumin but jumping right off the screen in this beautifully remastered version.

Mastiff posted this trailer for it on their website as well:

You can find out more information on it on their official site, at

You can see Mastiff’s press release here.

EDIT #2:
More information from the press release!

The game will be released digitally to the Nintendo eShop in July 2016 for $14.99. It is being developed by Opus Studio, iNPLAS Co. Ltd., and Nihon Falcom in conjunction with Mastiff Games..

EDIT #3 (Time: 5:20pm Central)
Mastiff has issued a new press release. This release does not have any of the developer information on it that the previous one had, and it is now listed for ‘Summer 2016’ instead of July. They have tweeted about this correction as well. I’ve adjusted the calendar to make up for it.

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6 Replies to “Mastiff Games Publishing Gurumin 3D to the Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Do you know if Mastiff made this port themselves? I never heard of Falcom doing anything for Nintendo systems (except for that one Legend of Heroes game, but I don’tt think anything came from that rumour).

    Also, I like that domain name.

    1. As far as I know, Falcom doesn’t develop to Nintendo consoles, and Mastiff followed up their tweet that they’ve been talking to Nintendo of America… so I assume that they’re the ones responsible for the development and publishing to the console.

        1. Not a problem! There was an earlier press release that had some developer info on it. But Mastiff has since replaced it with another that doesn’t have any information of the sort on it at all. So I’m figuring it’s safe to assume that Mastiff is in charge, instead of Falcom themselves.

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