Akatsuki no Kiseki Open Beta to Close on 8/30, and Formal Service Launches on 8/31


The website for Akatsuki no Kiseki was updated today to state that the official service for the game launches on 8/31 at 15:00 (2am Eastern Time), with the Open Beta terminating on 8/30 at 11:00 Japan Time. This is 10pm on August 29th Eastern Time.

As a notice, the following changes will be made:
OBT Support Gatcha tickets will be cancelled and removed from the game.
You will not be able to use these tickets in the full formal game.
Please take note and use these tickets before the game is shut down.

You will not be able to connect to the game during the period between the Open Beta closing and the start of the Official Launch.
Accounts made in the open beta will have their data for the official launch.

[ Akatsuki no Kiseki Official Site ]

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