Akatsuki no Kiseki Promo Video, Site Opened, and Early Registration Campaign


Nihon Falcom and Userjoy Group revealed the initial promotional video for Akatsuki no Kiseki today. This 3rd party developed browser game is being made as a 10th anniversary title, despite being two years late.

(As a note: remember this isn’t being developed by Falcom, but rather Userjoy Japan.)

Check out the comment from Ginko below about how to register. I’ll make an editorial tomorrow with screenshots to show the process.

Along with the promotional video, the official website has opened, as well.

The website has some details about the game…

AT Battle System

The AT Battle System that has become synonymous with the Kiseki series will be making its return to Akatsuki no Kiseki.

Popular Characters from the Kiseki Series



With popular characters from the Kiseki games making their appearance in Akatsuki no Kiseki, it will be possible to put together your dream party!

Promotional Video


Early Registration Campaign


With the beta test around the corner, anyone who registers early for a UJJ-ID and signs into the game will receive Noel Seeker as a character. After a certain number of players have registered, benefits will go up.

At 10,000 Registrations, all new players will get Noel Seeker (?2) and 250 BC (Bracer Coins).
At 20,000 Registrations – Noel Seeker (?3) and 500 BC.
At 30,000 Registrations – Noel Seeker (?4) and 500 BC.

You can register using both UJJ-ID and Twitter’s OpenID system.

There are also Nacht and Chloe Pure-Avatars for Hangame.

You can also register for the game via the Niconico App system.

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15 Replies to “Akatsuki no Kiseki Promo Video, Site Opened, and Early Registration Campaign”

    1. To register for the game, go there: https://www.ujj.co.jp/uj_member/register/new_acc1.aspx?game_id=27
      Then, enter your mail address, your desired login, your desired nickname, a password, the same password (to confirm it) and choose if you want to receive the magazine or not (left to receive, right to not receive). And click on the big yellow button at the bottom.
      On the next page, check the informations you entered and click on the yellow button again.
      You’ll then receive a mail with a code (written in red). Enter the code in the box that appears in the next page and click once again on the big yellow button.
      You should see a page with a big “登録完了!” and a “GAME START” button.
      That’s it. You’re preregistered.

      1. Thanks for the comment on this! I haven’t registered, so I hadn’t had a chance to put a guide together yet. :D

        I’ll probably do one with more detail, but I’ve noted that you have made this comment and stuff, so people can reference it until I get the editorial written up.

      2. Thanks for this! Seems that I can’t register due to my email address, does it have some kind of character restriction or maybe it’s because it’s not a Japanese address?

        1. I had no trouble registering with a Gmail address.
          However, you can’t have dots or + characters in the part left of the @ sign.

          1. Oh, I do have a dot on my gmail address so that must be the issue. I’ll have to create a new account lol thanks again!

          1. Welp, didn’t know that haha but it’s ok, ended up using an old account anyway. Thanks again, though :D

      3. Hmm, I registered with the OpenID thing with just my email, do you think it still works all the same? I find it weird cause with that way you didn’t have to put in a password at all. When i go to that page it says my email is already in use so I assume it worked.

        1. Well, with OpenID, you allow them to use your Google or Twitter account to log into the game. Since you don’t create a dedicated UJJ account, you don’t have to choose a password or activate said account.
          That’s a simpler way to do it and unless I’m mistaken, you should receive Noel Seeker too.
          I’d rather not link my mail account to something else so I chose to create a dedicated UJJ account. To each their own, though :-P

          1. Well I didn’t know that’s exactly what it did, but luckily I’m not the paranoid type so I don’t expect anything bad to happen.

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