[Translation…. Wednesday??] Bonus! Ring of Judgment Complete Download


Not really a full Translation Tuesday, and it’s even an off week today. The next Translation Tuesday goes live next Tuesday!

Instead, as requested, since the entire run of Ring of Judgment is complete, I’ve compiled all the chapters into a single .rar file, complete with the two bonus pages.

This is especially appropriate with Trails of Cold Steel II coming out in less than two weeks now, since you get to see Toval as a main character in this short manga story!

You can find and download the whole set below!

Happy reading!

15 Replies to “[Translation…. Wednesday??] Bonus! Ring of Judgment Complete Download”

  1. I may have a bit of problem…
    I can’t successfully download the file. downlading through IDM says “the file is corrupted” during downloading and downloading through Microsoft Edge yields “download was interrupted” no matter the speed. Any way to fix this problem?

  2. How do you read this?
    I downloaded and unzipped the file but do I need to go into each page’s folder and open each image individually?

    1. You probably havent unzipped each of the chapter’s folders. You need to unzip twice, the main folder then each of the chapters

  3. Holy crap this was amazing for a short story. I totally ship Toval and Ein now. Throw in a cute anime little girl and I will love it, especially if it has a happy ending. SWEET! Thank you so much for translating this :)

  4. I love this manga but good god the watermark is distracting. I scanlate manga too and I understand your feelings but seriously I can’t focus on the art with this thing glaring at me on every single page, especially since I revisited this manga hoping to print a few translated pages to use as decorations with my kiseki collection, but I guess I’ll have to look for the raws instead.

    1. I would love to remove the watermark, but after having the comic stolen twice, and even uploaded on aggregators despite the first page saying not to, I had to do it. This is why we can’t have nice things, I guess.

  5. Looks like the links for download are dead; I keep getting a notification saying that the files aren’t available. Is this intended, or has something gone wrong?

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