Akatsuki no Kiseki 10/19 Maintenance and Update: Joshua Bright Has Arrived


A major update has occurred with the game after the 10/19 maintenance closed. A new Halloween event, increased chances for a Tio pull, Joshua being introduced to the system, and more.

10/19 Maintenance Details

Maintenance took place from 11:00 to 15:00 Japan time on 10/19. The following updates have been applied to the game:

  • Update Implemented
  • New Events Launched
  • Bugs Patched
  • System Resources Adjusted

Olivier and Mueller gacha campaign ended. Bracer War campaign ended, and pulls for Seed, Michel, and Lief have all closed. Battle Arena campaign ended.

New Event Information

Halloween Event: Renne’s Tea Party ~Trick or Treat~


Event Period: From end of 10/19 maintenance ~ start of 11/2 maintenance.

Starting today, a limited Halloween event has launched. In the event’s special investigation, you collect Halloween invites which can be exchanged for Halloween Gift Boxes, containing special event-only cooking items. These special ingredients can give powerful boosts to battles, so don’t miss out on the chance to get a leg up on your adventures.

Limited Items

Halloween Candy Box *1 Appraisal Item. After Appraisal, it has a random type of Halloween candy and sepith of one type.
Pom Candy Multicolored candies in the shape of poms. After consuming 30% HP, 30% EP is restored.
Alegum Gum shaped like an alegumi. Combat-use item- has a chance of causing faint for 1 turn, and decreasing STR and SPD.
Cotton Candy – Sheep Monkey Cotton Candy in the shape of a Creepy Sheep. After consuming 40% HP, 75 CP is restored.
Drome Jelly Jelly shaped like a Drome. Combat-use Item- has a chance of causing burn for 3 turns, and lowers ATS and SPD.
Bat Berry Chocolate Bat shaped chocolate filled with red, belberry sauce. After restoring all party members’ EP by 15%, can be used in combat to decrease DEF and ADF for three turns.
Magic Tart A tart that slightly increases bravery after eating it. A combat use item that has a chance of causing poison for 3 turns, but raises MOV +5.
Magic Mousse Combat use item that affects all allies, giving HP regen for three turns.
Magic Pumpkin *2 Increases CP by 25 for a small circle of allies. When used in combat, also allows for arts to be reflected one time.

*1 – Halloween Candy boxes can be exchanged at the Ninevalley shop in Crossbell for random sweets.
*2 – Magic Pumpkins can only be exchanged once per day. After you get a Magic Pumpkin, you have to wait 24 hours before you can get one again.

Event Record

Defeat Renne 5 Times Friend Ticket x10
Defeat Renne 10 Times Story Ticket x3
Defeat Renne 15 Times BC x100
Defeat Renne 20 Times Green Mishy 4* Recommendations x20
Defeat Renne 30 Times Magic Pumpkin x3


When going through the Renne’s Halloween Party event, as you investigate objects, you have a chance of finding Renne in them. You will be rewarded for the number of times you defeat her. However, once the event ends, the event items will disappear too, so please keep this in mind.

Investigation Event: Olivier’s Challenge – In Search of Love and Beauty


Those who attempt Olivier’s challenge have a chance to be rewarded with great prizes! This event has been extended.

Event Period: 6:00 (Japan Time) on 10/21 ~ 5:59 on 10/24

Possible rewards include Rainbow Mishy Recommendations and Guren Mishy Recommendations.

To participate in the event:
From the home menu, go to ‘Event’ ? ‘Investigation Event.’


Weekly Brawl: Bracer Wars


As usual, the Bracer Wars allows you to challenge popular characters of the Kiseki series, to get the chance to have them join up with your team. This week’s characters are Rin, Rolando Griffin, and Zeit! Defeat them for a chance to win a recommendation for them.

Possible rewards include: Rin Recommendation, Rolando Recommendation, and Zeit Recommendation

Bracer Wars Event Schedule

10/20/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Rin
10/21/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Rolando Griffin
10/22/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Zeit
10/23/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Rin
10/24/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Rolando Griffin
10/25/2016 6:00 ~ 5:59 Versus Zeit

To participate in the event…
Under the Bracer battle training, go to the great brawl tab. The battles are a daily special that will regularly change.


Limited Secret Shop Appearance!


The special shop in Crossbell has been updated to be selling three different types of gift boxes. These special shop items can only be purchased 1 per account.

Sale Period
10/19/2016 After Maintenance Ends through to the Star of Maintenance on 10/26/2016

Oct Silver Pack (600 BC) Event Support Ticket x4, Recommendation for Anyone x10, Kurogane Mishy Recommendation x3
October Gold Pack (1200 BC) Event Support Ticket x6, Recommendation for Anyone x20, Kurogane Mishy Recommendation x6, 5* Green Mishy x2
October Platinum Pack (2400 BC) Event Support Ticket x10, Recommendation for Anyone x30, Kurogane Mishy Recommendation x12, 5* Green Mishy, Guren Mishy

Event Support Tickets
Special tickets that give you one pull at the special event gacha. These cannot be used after their expiration dates, and they can’t be used on the BOX gachas.

Secret Shop
The secret shop is located in Crossbell.


Joshua Bright Arrives in the Event Gacha!

Joshua Bright is available for a limited time via the event support gacha. Furthermore, this is your last chance to get Tio Plato, until she is removed from the list on 10/26. The probability for pulling either Joshua or Tio has been increased for the time being.


Notice Characters
– Joshua Bright (New Character!)
– Tio Plato (Probability Up!)

Period for the Increased Pull Probability
After maintenance on 10/19/2016, and until the start of maintenance on 10/26/2016.

At the event of the event, Tio will be removed from the gacha list and another character will come in to replace her.

Event Support Gacha Outline
You spend Bracer Coins to participate in the event support gacha.

Permanent Gacha Gallery
This gacha gives you the chance to pull a variety of 5* characters. If you are aiming for 5* characters that aren’t Tio, you should be using this one.


1) This is the probably increased gacha.
2) This is the permanent gacha.

BC Cost
1 Pull = 250 BC
10 Pulls = 2,500 ? 2,250 BC

10 Pull Special
10% off on BC cost.
At least 1 guaranteed 4* character in the pull!

Recommendation for Anyone
Any time you pull a 3* character, you will also get a Recommendation for Anyone ticket, as well.

Joshua Bright


(First Appearance: Sora no Kiseki series)

The adopted brother to the protagonist of the Sora no Kiseki series, Estelle Bright. As they overcame many trials through their journey, their relationship deepened and they would become lovers. Joshua specializes in using twin swords, and with his high speed, he can execute deadly and critical blows. His effenciency in this field came about while he was known as the Black Fang, a secret of his past that he keeps hidden.

Battle Information:
Joshua’s S-Craft utilizes his assassin’s skills to land multiple strikes on all enemies on the field in rapid succession.


Joshua is also available in the special box gacha right now, as well.

The box gacha contains 90 characters, ranging from 3* to 5*. With each pull, the BC cost increases. First pull is 100 BC, the second is 300 BC, third is 600 BC, 4th and upwards is 900 BC.

Tio Plato


(First Appearance: Zero no Kiseki)

A young girl attached to the Epstein Foundation, the continent’s most advanced orbal research group. Tio joined the Crossbell Police’s SSS to perform combat tests on a newly developed weapon, the orbal staff. She is a bit of a misanthrope with a cool way of speak and blunt personality. She has powerful magical attacks through the orbal staff, which can change forms based on the modes being used.

Update Details

Resource Adjustments

  • Squad level has been increased to 50.
  • Kurogane Mishy’s description has been corrected.
  • The text for one recipe in the accounting room on the airship has been adjusted.
  • The stats for Olivier Lenheim, Randy Orlando, and Mireille have been adjusted up.
  • All of the slots on the orbment for the Swordsman Bracer are now open.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that occurs during the transition from the Bracer Memo Information to the Airship screen has been fixed.
  • An issue that doesn’t return you to the main menu when right clicking in the grand arena event has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused an interruption of the voice sound effect for Tio Plato’s Absolute Zero craft has been fixed.
  • The description text on Olivier Lenheim’s Quick Draw craft has been adjusted to show that its range is a medium circle, not a large circle.
  • The description text on Kurz Nardin’s Houjuu Shiranami craft has been adjusted to show that its range is a medium circle, not a large circle.
  • An issue where a normal sound effect wouldn’t play when raising the skill level of Kurz Nardin’s Meikyoushisui passive craft has been fixed.
  • A bug that would occur where the achievement marker would disappear when not all achievement rewards have been received has been fixed.
  • Achievement ‘Professional Bracer’ has been updated so that it now goes off upon receiving 28 daily achievements. [ED Note: Maybe? I’m not following this one, too well.]
  • Investigation ‘Sigyun Forest’ has been adjusted to become available when the squad level hits 36.
  • Investigation ‘Ardent Sewers’ has been adjusted to become available when the squad level hits 38.
  • An error in a monster name in the daily investigation, ‘Ardent Sewers – Intermediate’ has been fixed.
  • A consistency issue with the monster name and appearance has been fixed.
  • An error in the guide text for ‘Chapter 3 Battle Training – Hard, Battle 4’ has been fixed.
  • The description text for the Mishy Cap +III has been adjusted, based on questions about the ADF increase.
  • An issue related to an object not opening on the Olivier’s Challenge event has been fixed.
  • An issue involving the airship campaign for the Liberl lava ruins displaying a Crossbell location has been fixed.
  • An issue with the game displaying a ‘Learned a new recipe’ message, even when having learned all recipes, has been fixed.
  • A bug that restores AP when attempting the grand arena challenge again has been fixed.

Currently Known Bugs and Fixes

For any of the bugs that were confirmed as of 10/12, all players will receive 250 BC for compensation. You can receive this compensation until 10/26/2016 at 23:29, so please be sure to take it by this date.

Bug with the Investigation of Sigyun Forest
A bug where players cannot open doors, open chests, and battle monsters in the Sigyun Forest location has been confirmed.

Questions Regarding Issues with Bloody Circle EP Absorption Effect
There have been tests regarding issues with Renne’s Bloody Circle not absorbing EP correctly in the Olivier’s Challenge event. To maintain the difficulty of the dungeon, the EP absorption effect has been adjusted.

These current issues are being investigated, and news on any fixes and compensation will be coming in the future.

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