Fandom Friday 04: Falcom Fan-Made Music Arrangements

Happy Friday, everyone! While the holiday is careening to us at a more than rapid pace, we have an exciting week coming up, especially with Falcom’s shareholder meeting happening on 12/20. But for now, we should take a breather, and relax for the weeked. And for that reason, I’ve decided to curate a variety of fan-made arrangements of Falcom’s music.

I want to start with my favorite fan-creation I’ve seen in the past two weeks, which is an incredible piano medley of music from the Kiseki series. With an impressive track including favorites such as Silver Will, Get Over the Barrier, way of life, and others- I hope you are as impressed with this arrangement as I am!

There will be more, including some from some recognizable names, behind the cut!

If I missed any fan arrangements that you love, feel free to drop them into the comments and add to the collection!

Yuta Romeo – Mother Earth Altago (Ys Seven)

asuton – Hoshi no Arika cello quartet arrange (Trails in the Sky)

Mask the Haruhara – Amber Love guitar arrange (Trails in the Sky

S.S.H. – Palace of Destruction (Ys I)

Teppei Okada – To Make the End of Battle (Ys II)

TheScreamer – Valestein Castle (Ys III/Felghana)

EgOistHiuMan – Ichizu Na kimochi (Trails of Cold Steel)

Arcana Shift – Remaining Glow (Trails of Cold Steel II)

zeruen522 – Lacrimosa of Dana (Ys VIII)

syotimpoke – Crimson Fighter (Ys VIII)

RobinLSL – A Cat Relaxing in the Sun (Trails in the Sky)

And I will be ending this list with a large, 30+ minute MIDI arrangement of various Falcom songs!

nasuchiru – Falcom Arrange Medley 2012

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