9/28 Release Date for Sen no Kiseki III – Tita and Agate Unveiled! – Preorders Open!

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation has revealed a 9/28 release date, new cast additions, and the first details of the game’s updated combat system. Check out the article below for detailed information! Falcom has also opened up the preorders on their website, as well as on other websites.

9/28 Release Date and Pricing

Falcom is falling back to their usual pattern, with the game releasing on the last Thursday of September, marking the end of their fiscal year.

Purchase Sets Available and Pricing

Product Overview

Title The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki III
Release Date Planned Release on 9/28
Genre Story RPG
Platform PlayStation®4
# of Players 1 Player
Selling Price Standard Edition: 7800 yen (tax excluded)

Limited Kiseki Box: 9200 yen (tax excluded)
CERO Rating Pending

Limited Edition KISEKI BOX

Falcom has named the limited edition set, the ‘KISEKI BOX.’ This box will contain four items, in a package with special art on it.

Sen no Kiseki III Soundtrack -mini- Limited Edition
This CD will contain a careful selection of BGM from the game, and released only with the KISEKI BOX.
Special Full Set Class VII SD Rubber Strap Set
Cute, SD artwork of Rean, Juna, Kurt, and Altina being produced into a special set of four rubber straps.
Special 128 Page Full Color Artbook
A beautiful book that contains cut-ins, and in-game portraits of all of the characters, and other artwork from Sen no Kiseki III.
Original DLC: Invitation to Thors Academy
A special product code to provide costumes of the main campus Thors Military Academy uniforms.

A 2017-2018 fiscal year calendar featuring artwork related to Sen no Kiseki III is available for any preorder purchases of either the standard edition or limited KISEKI BOX release of the game. This calendar comes with a multi-stand that can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.

Falcom currently has both editions up for preorder on their website.

Sen no Kiseki III (Standard Edition)
Product Number: 986
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Story RPG
CERO Rating: Rating Pending
Preorder Bonus: Sen no Kiseki III Desk Calendar
Falcom Store Bonus: Still in Planning
Release Date: 9/28/2017
Price: 8,424 yen (Tax included.)

Sen no Kiseki III (Limited KISEKI Box)
Product Number: 987
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Story RPG
CERO Rating: Rating Pending
Box Contents: Game / Soundtrack Mini -Limited Edition- / Rubber Strap 4 Set / Sen no Kiseki III All-Color Artbook / Original DLC
Preorder Bonus: Sen no Kiseki III Desk Calendar
Falcom Store Bonus: Still in Planning
Release Date: 9/28/2017
Price: 9,936 yen (Tax included.)

If you are curious about how to do preorders from Falcom, as they ship internationally, check out the FAQ on this page.

Additionally, Amazon JP has also posted preorders as well, and there are two versions of the KISEKI BOX on the site:
Kiseki Box ver 1 (No Amazon Bonus)
Kiseki Box ver 2 (Amazon Bonus Still Undetermined)
Standard Edition (No Amazon Bonus)
Standard Edition (Amazon Bonus Still Undetermined)

New Characters: Tita, Agate, and Prof Schmidt

Tita Russell

First Appearance: The Trails in the Sky Series

Age: 16
A girl from the Liberl Kingdom who is the granddaughter of the genius orbal engineer, Professor Russell, and has enrolled to become part of Class IX at Thors II.

Four years ago, during the Liberl Incident, this girl who was associated with the ZCF (well-known for its cutting edge orbal development) cooperated with Agate and other bracers to see it to its resolution.

Since then, she had heard about the unusual circumstances in Erebonia through Prince Olivert, and has decided to enter Thors II as an exchange student, against her mother’s wishes.

She has begun studying under Professor Schmidt in order to see tanks, soldats, and other mysterious technology for herself.

Agate Crossner

First Appearance: The Trails in the Sky Series

Age: 28
An A-Rank Bracer from the Liberl Kingdom known as the ‘Heavy Blade’ for wielding a sword larger than he is tall.

He was promoted to A-Rank for his participation in both the Liberl Incident that shook the kingdom, as well as a variety of domestic and foreign achievements afterwards.

After the Civil War, when hearing about the activities of the Ouroboros and jaegers within the empire, Agate has decided to join the broken Bracers Guild in Erebonia and put pressure on the Intel Division, to assist his old comrade-in-arms, Prince Olivert.

Not only is he concerned about Tita having enrolled into Thors II, but he has also begun to feel around Erebonia to find the truth regarding the Hundred Days War that transpired between the empire and Liberl 14 years ago.

Professor G. Schmidt

First Appearance: Trails of Cold Steel II

Erebonia’s greatest mind and orbal engineer, and one of the three students alongside Professors Russell and Hamilton.

In his early days, in order to satisfy his intellectual curiosity, he worked alongside Gwen Reinford, his ‘partner in crime,’ and together they developed the railroad, a variety of firearms, massive machinery, and more in rapid succession. As such, the Empire experienced a great push forward regarding orbal engineering.

During the Civil War, his work was utilized by Duke Cayenne, for development of weaponry to be used by the Azure Knight and the Ouroboros, as well as research for the soldats. Also, thanks to his curiosity, he developed the blade used by the Ashen Knight Valimar.

Afterwards, he assumed the office as a special advisor for Thors II. He takes in students and other individuals to study orbal engineering under him. As George elected to visit the ZCF after the civil war, Tita was selected to trade places and study under Schmidt.

Full Character Art

World Information

Einhell Fortress

With his arrival a special consultant to Thors II, Professor G. Schmidt planned and had an indoor practice facility built on the outskirts of the campus.

The large-scale orbal mechanisms within the facility allow it the ability to change its interior, which not only allows for Thors II students to have a variety of practice environments, but to provide a testing ground for soldat capabilities.

New Game System Details

Direct Command System

The previous games of the Kiseki series have all used a ring command system, but in this case, it is being replaced with a direct command option. Order, Items, Escape, and Change are on the directional keys, and Craft, Attack, Arts, and Move are all on the ???× buttons. Style Change is tied to R2, Combat Link to L2, and S-Break to R1.

Seamless Combat

The previous Kiseki games were always based on a ‘symbol encounter’ system, where coming in contact with an enemy on the field initiated combat and the game switched from field map to a combat map. In Sen no Kiseki III, a seamless combat system has been integrated, where when you come in contact with enemies on the field, the combat menus load up, without a change of maps.

Editor’s note: This is actually a similar system as what Falcom had integrated into the Gagharv games at one point, where when an encounter happened, the menus and enemies came up onto the map screen without a change to a new map.

Brave Order

Every character has the ability to execute an order on the field during combat with this new system. These orders will use Brave Points, and create a special effect to impact all of the characters in the party for a specific number of turns.

Example Brave Orders:

Battle Formation [Conflagration] (Rean) – When this order is activated, all damage dealt by the party is increased, and during its run, CP earnings are increased. Costs a small amount of BP.
Noir Crest (Altina) – All enemy attacks will be unconditionally reflected. As this is a powerful order, it uses a lot of BP and good timing of its use is essential.


Crafts remain a traditional part of the Kiseki series, where a variety of character specific skills are activated in return for spending CP (Craft Points) that are accrued during combat. Crafts have a variety of skills and capabilities that can change the outcome of a battle.

Rean: Rasengeki (helix attack)
Altina: Fragarach
Kurt: Tempest Edge
Juna: Cross Break

Style Change

Using Juna as an example, style changes allow a character to change their combat type. In the images, she is shown two different stances for her gunbreaker tonfas. One is striker mode, where she deals more damage, but is right with the enemies, whereas gunner mode allows her to remain back away from the enemies with ranged attacks.

‘Special’ Page Updates

Falcom has updated the weekly wallpaper on the ‘special’ section of the Sen no Kiseki III website. This week’s update has Michael, and is available in the following resolutions:


This wallpaper will remain up until 5/11/2017.

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