Are Sen no Kiseki II Characters Appearing in Akatsuki no Kiseki Soon?

This month’s issue of Falcom magazine keeps on giving. There’s a blurb that also teases that Akatsuki no Kiseki will be unveiling at least one character from Sen no Kiseki II [ed note: there’s no plural identifier in this, so it could be one character or more] in the month of May.

There has been no additional information regarding this character uploaded into the game’s files yet, so it can still be anyone. It could just be a special character for the gacha system, ala Mireille and Shirley in recent months.

I will do my best to report on this news when it comes around.

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4 Replies to “Are Sen no Kiseki II Characters Appearing in Akatsuki no Kiseki Soon?”

  1. I should log into the game sooner or later just to see what new characters have been released in the past few months lol. Speaking of, are any characters who got introduced in the first Sen / Cold Steel game already on Akatsuki by any chance?

    1. None yet. For a while I’ve been expecting Towa to show up. We already know she visited Crossbell in the right time frame. But if the announcement specifically means a Cold Steel 2-exclusive character, it might not be her.

      My guess: some of the villains? Paying fans like getting characters they’ve never had the chance to play before. And villains are less likely to cause continuity conflicts, since we don’t have as much prior information about their movements.

      (Though Akatsuki has already sent previous playable characters all over Zemuria without much regard for plausibility, like the Special Support Section’s visit to Liberl.)

      1. I see, thanks! And yeah, if we’re talking characters who actually take part in Akatsuki’s plot and dialogues it would make sense to keep most of Cold Steel cast out of it. But for gacha characters the possibilities are endless, so I’m surprised they haven’t released Class VII and other people from Cold Steel yet. Maybe they’re waiting until Akatsuki actually releases an Erebonia expansion with quests set in its cities, who knows.

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