[6-14-2017] Falcom Weekly Special – Sen no Kiseki PS3 Game Set

With Sen no Kiseki III around the corner and Falcom announcing that they will have a presence at Comiket this year, it’s only right for them to do a weekly special containing the two games leading to this year’s September release.

The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki (PlayStation3 the Best) (Originally for 2800 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki II (PS3) (Originally for 7200 yen)
Falcom Magazine 2017 vols 4 and 5 (Not for Sale)
Sen no Kiseki III / Ys VIII Vinyl Shoulder Bag (Not for Sale)
Sen no Kiseki II Clear File (Not for Sale)

The total retail cost of this set is 10,000 yen. The special price is –> 4,900 yen!

This order is good until 6/20, or until 30 orders have been made. (One order per person.)

Order # 2921 ?973?977?

[ Falcom Online Store – Special Sales ]

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