DPS #639 Sen no Kiseki III Update – New Characters Revealed – New System Information

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation featured new characters and new system information for Sen no Kiseki III. As a heads up, there are spoilers for Trails in the Sky Second Chapter in this reveal.

This post will also include the website updates for .

New Characters

Tio Plato

Age: 16
Voice: Kaori Mizuhashi

Tio is the young, senior researcher for the Crossbell branch of the Epstein Foundation. She is focused on her research for the ‘Eon System,’ which allows for data processing via sympathetic connection between humans and machines.

She became a researcher with the foundation at a young age, due to special circumstances, and at 14 years old, she was sent to perform tests with the police department for the former Crossbell State.

While she joined the Special Support Section to perform tests on the then new equipment, Eon System and Orbal Staff, she and Randolph worked together to resolve various incidents.

After the Crossbell annexation, she temporarily returned to the foundation headquarters, but has since decided to return to Crossbell for her friends. While she is continuing her work as a senior researcher, she is also acting as a communications post behind the scenes, in order to monitor the Imperial Intelligence Division.

In his comments in the Dengeki article, Kondo stated that she has grown up over the past two years- even to the point of being one of the most changed characters of the SSS members. Not only has she physically grown, but she has matured personality-wise, as well. He also specifies that her monitoring of the Intelligence Division is a stealthy operation. This time, the Epstein Foundation is not the only group of researchers involved in the story, so there’s the possibility that others may be seen, as well. Kondo even added that there may be a surprise contact in this. Additionally, he also said that there’s no information to share about her weapon, but that it can be seen in screenshots.

The article also lists keywords, such as the Eon System and Mishy. Here, it is pointed out that Tio’s been working on research for miniaturizing the Eon system, and it’s even pointed out that she’s not wearing the chest plate that she used to wear.

Randolph Orlando

Age: 24
Voice: Shinichiro Miki

Randolph is a former jaeger that belonged to the ‘Red Constellation,’ the continent’s strongest group. He has become the instructor in charge of Class VIII.

For particular reasons, he fell out of the band, and wandered to Crossbell, enlisted into the garrison, and after some trouble, was discharged.

Immediately following that, he was scouted to become a member of the Special Support Section within the Crossbell police, and he discovered the place where he belongs while working together to solve problems with Lloyd, Elie, and Tio..

After the annexation of Crossbell, the Special Support Section was broken up, he was assigned to be part of the Imperial defense forces for the Crossbell region, and quickly became involved with his friends in resistance force, but a certain person contacted Randolph and turned him to face Erebonia alone for the purpose of Crossbell’s independence.

In Kondo’s comments, he talks about how Randolph is already aware of Rean. A year ago, in Trails of Cold Steel II, Randolph’s friend, Lloyd Bannings, and the leader of the Special Support Section, had encountered Rean in combat. Knowing about this truth, it is very likely going to be a point that will be brought up at some point between Randolph and Rean. Kondo has also commented that, despite not knowing him well, Randolph senses a strong combat ability from him and respects him. He has also added that ‘that man’ that pointed Randolph to Thors II appeared in a previous Kiseki title, and with his current situation, he has been given the freedom to move around as needed.

In the keywords for Randolph’s page, it talks about the Red Constellation, one of the continent’s most powerful jaeger groups. It speaks of its leader, infamous members, and the group’s rivalry with Zephyr. [ED Note: There are a lot of other details in this section, but they have been omitted due to spoilers from Zero no Kiseki.]

EDIT: I had incorrectly assumed that people wouldn’t be interested in the spoiler info. However, the additional info I added to this was lost in the website’s downtime, and needs to be re-added when I have the chance to do so.

Prince Olivert

Age: 29
Voice: Takehito Koyasu

Olivert is a prince of Erebonia, Eugent’s oldest son, and the designer of the original Class VII. Sometimes called a debaucherous prince by others, he is also removed from the imperial line of succession due to his illegitimate birth.

During the civil war, he entrusted the Crimson Wings, the Courageous, to the students of Thors Academy, and traveled to western Erebonia with Meueller to begin their plans for ‘winds of freedom.’ He stood up and used his own strengths to provide assistance to the people suffering during the war.

After the end of the civil war, it was clear that the Blood and Iron Chancellor, Giliath Osborne, was victorious, and he quickly seized power of the entire empire. As Osborne began his invasion of the surrounding territories, he removed the Vander family from its role of protecting the imperial family, and Olivert saw the weakening of his own influence.

Then, in the year 1206, as a final act of his ‘vain struggle,’ he proposed the creation of Thors II, in relation to the military academy. Furthermore, in order to oppose Osborne, he has reached out to his connections both inside and outside of Erebonia and begins his own actions within the empire.

In his comments, Kondo reiterates much of the things said above, but also points out that much of Olivier’s growth in this game will be personal, and be connected to his family, especially as he has concerns of his father’s perception of him. He has also pointed out how in one of the screenshots, we don’t see Princec Olivert, but Olivier Lenheim. It is likely that this persona may be seen in the game.

In Olivert’s keywords, they first talk about Olivier Lenheim- detailing his history and involvement with the Liberl incident in Trails in the Sky FC and SC. He had traveled to the Liberl Kingdom to contact Cassius Bright in the Bracers Guild regarding the situation with Osborne. Over this time, it was this involvement with the Bracers had worked with- Estelle, Joshua, and others- that inspired his idea to create Class VII at Thors.

His family is also brought up, speaking in particular of Alfin and Cedric, his younger siblings. They also remind that the blood of the Arnor family is necessary for activating Testa-Rossa.

Full body art:

Announced Voice Actors

Falcom announced all the voice actors for the previously revealed characters for the game in this week’s Dengeki PS.

Character Voice Actor Returning/Other Roles
Rean Schwarzer Kouki Uchiyama Returning
Towa Herschel Ai Nonaka Returning
Agate Crosner Tarayuki Kondou Returning
Tita Russell Hiromi Konno Returning
Juna Crawford Nao Touyama Drakengard 3: Mikhail
Granblue Fantasy: Lyria
Macross Delta: Reina
Symphogear GX: Shiori Terashima
Kurt Vander Takuya Eguchi Utawaremono: Yaktwald
Danganronpa 3: Sonosuke Izayoi
D.Gray-man Hallow: Madarao
Altina Orion Inori Minase
(Replacing Risa Taneda, due to illness.)
Neptunia VII: Million Arthur
Ar Nosurge: Casty Riernoit
Aldanoah.Zero: Eddelrittuo
Musse Egret Ami Koshimizu Tales of Berseria: Eleanor Hume
Bravely Default: Agnes Oblige
Persona 4: Yukiko Amagi
Code Geass: Kallen Stadtfeld
Ash Carbide Tomoaki Maeno Tales of Berseria: Oscar Dragnia
Lost Dimension: Zenji Maeda
Log Horizon: Naotsugu
Aurelia LeGuin Yuko Sumitomo Trails of Cold Steel: Irina Reinford
Guilty Gear: Millia Rage
Dynasty Warriors: Zhenji
Michael Tomokazu Sugita Trails of Cold Steel II: Toval
BlazBlue: Ragna the Bloodedge
Tales of Xillia: Alvin
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Joseph Jostar
Prof. G. Schmidt Hochu Otsuka Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Yazan Gable
Kid Icarus Uprising: Hades
RahXephon: Masayoshi Kuki

Battle System

Combat Link

The combat link system from the previous two games will be making a return. During combat, two characters can initiate a combat link based on their relationship. When an enemy is “unbalanaced” by an attack, you can continue on to perform a link attack. Each character has an attack type that enemies can have a weakness to in order to be unbalanced. Combat links will also allow for special link abilities between characters.

Attack Attributes

Party member’s attack attributes are based on the weapon types that they wield: Slash, Thrust, Pierce, and Strike. Their effectiveness ranges from SS > S > A > B > C, and the higher in rank a character is, the greater the potential that character has to unbalance an enemy that is weak to attacks from that particular weapon type. Additionally, it’s possible to change Juna’s attack type through mode switching.

  Rean Altina Kurt Juna Musse Ash
        Gunner Striker    
Slash SS B A C A
Thrust S A C A
Pierce S S
Strike S A C A

Brave Point Usage

When a link attack is activated, you are given three options of an attack: Assist, Rush, and Burst, and when using the latter two options, you will spend a specific number of Brave Points (BP). In the article, Falcom’s president, Toshihiro Kondo comments that BP is shared with Brave orders, as well, so that you will have to balance the cost and usage between Brave Orders and link attacks.


When spending three BP, you can execute a rush when a link attack is initiated. During rush, the two linked characters will attack simultaneously, hitting all enemies within a specific area of effect.


Spending 5 BP during a break, you can activate a Burst and send all four characters into the attack. This has a larger range of effect and can do more damage than a rush, but at the cost of more BP.

Field Attack

Field attack, a staple for the series since Zero no Kiseki, is returning as well. Combat can be started by attacking the enemy seen on the field. Using nthe field attack, you are able to gain an advantage for combat based on striking the enemy. The field attack can also be used in dungeons to activate gimmicks an

Assault Attack

6/1/2017 Website Updates

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