[EDITORIAL] Anime Expo? Can This Actually Happen?

As I mentioned in my recent post, it was revealed that NISA will have Toshihiro Kondo with them as a guest at Anime Expo this year.

For all of my time running this site, I’ve been able to run pretty much everything from the comfort of my room, however, I feel that Kondo being about 20 hours away, instead of across an ocean is an opportunity I can’t miss out on. So I took a chance and applied for a press pass for AnimeExpo. What I didn’t expect was that I would get it.

Now I have a press pass giving me access to the convention, and realize I’m in a bind- I have no job, and my finances make it hard to travel from Texas and go to Los Angeles for the convention. I have a way in, but I need a way there and a bed to sleep in while I’m several states over.

This is where you all come in. I try not to ask for much, except for people’s support, but for the first time since I’ve started Endless History, I’m going to have to put out a hat and ask for help to get to Los Angeles for AnimeExpo.

You can find the details on the GoFundMe that I’ve set up, and you probably already see the donation tracker bar at the top of the page. (Which is manually updated, so it may not have the correct amount on the GoFundMe page- I have to update the numbers myself, since GoFundMe is a little weird about their widgets.)

I have a variety of plans for everyone who follows my site, especially to those who wish they could be at AnimeExpo and can’t make the trek themselves. There will be more information on that in the future, so you need to wait a bit before I can say anything specific about it. I want to be sure this is really happening first.

And to those of you who have already donated before I could get this editorial up? Holy crap. I can’t believe this much has come in so quickly. Thank you guys so much. I can’t stress how much this support means, and I will do everything I can in my power to thank each and everyone of you now- and whoever donates in the future- personally. I promise!

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