[Fandom Fri- err Sunday?] Project A-Kon Trails Series Cosplay Group

Today is day 3 of Project A-Kon, a north Texas based anime convention. It is taking place this weekend in historic downtown Fort Worth, Texas, at the Ft Worth Convention Center. This year at A-Kon, a group of cosplayers from the Trails/Kiseki series planned a meetup and I was given the chance to take their photos during their photoshoot timeslot.

As a result, I’ve gone through the pictures, touched them up, and am now presenting to you a special edition of Fandom Friday Sunday.

The cosplayers at the event were:
Rean Schwarzer – Courtney Atherton
Emma Milstein – Katie Denham
Laura S. Arseid – Shiroi Tsuki Cosplay
Celine – Jen Sweet
C – Phillip Reed
Bleublanc – Prince Rasiel
Campanella – Frenzied Nerves

Additionally, by the time I’ve been able to put this post together, I’ve heard that Phillip Reed won first place in the novice class of the hall costume contest, as well! Congratulations! That C costume was amazing and you deserved every bit of it!

There are a lot of pictures from this photoshoot. They can all be found behind the cut.

We started with the photoshoot at one of the fountains in the Fort Worth Water Gardens. The most iconic part of this park may be recognizable to people around the world because of the movie Logan’s Run. Then from there, we moved to the historical St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the other side of the Fort Worth Convention Center.

The first set of individual photos were taken to the side of one of the gardens’ smaller fountains.

When I got people together to do a protagonist shot, we had an interruption from the villains, too.

While we had thoughts of seriousness, and we certainly did, there were some wild moments in this group shot. At one point, I requested some people to get onto a ledge to do a line up with everyone on two levels. Bleublanc took it to a new level and climbed up far higher than I expected any of them to go. It’s somehow appropriate, though.

We had shenanigans with Laura waving her sword at Bleublanc to get down, who started tossing cards at her.

But Emma decided to be nice and give the cards back.

Eventually, Laura finally got Bleublanc.

We finally got to the planned pose- a ‘Go Fight!’ pose to send to the amazing Trails/Kiseki cosplayers in Japan, as both of our shoots happened on the same day, just in two very different parts of the world!

We also did an enemy advantage shot, from two different angles.

I decided, at this point, to bring out the poms, and found ways to get them incorporated into a bunch of pictures, too.

Look out- Bleublanc has stolen Celine!

Or a Hanna-Barbera’esque Laura vs C?

We then caught Emma trying to negotiate with Bleublanc and Campanella. Emma, please. :(

But it was diffused by Bleublanc, instead, proposing. Uh…

“Rean! You have to pick one! You can’t seduce them all!” –C shouted that at this point.

Bleublanc was proposing with a random green… thing that was picked because we had no flowers. Afterwards, Bleublanc noticed it was broken- like our hopes and dreams. Or something.

At this point, we moved to another location on the other side of the Fort Worth Convention Center, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This is oldest Catholic church in Fort Worth, and the seat of the city’s parish.

As a note, I couldn’t get enough of Campanella’s wig. It’s amazing.

We decided to do a random set of ambush photos, but no one expected Rean to hide behind Laura. (All things considered, I think most of us would, too.)

And to finish off, a few of the extra photos that I had taken outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral, as well.

All in all, I had a blast taking photos of these cosplayers, and I will be more than happy to do it again. The last thing I got was a chance to get a picture with the cosplayers as well that wasn’t a selfie, too! Clearly, I have no qualms of doing photos for other Falcom related cosplayers- so if you know you’re in my area (Dallas/Fort Worth), or if I’m going to be at a con with you (*hintAXhint*), please let me know!

Last but not least, I hope everyone who goes through these pictures enjoys them as well, and sees just how much fun we all had together. And one last shout out- thanks for these wonderful cosplayers because this was one of the best spent two hours on a hot Texas Saturday afternoon.

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