Sen no Kiseki III in Dengeki PS 642 – The Return of the Original Class VII

Issue # 642 of Dengeki PlayStation has revealed a large number of characters: that being the entirety of the original Class VII from the earlier Cold Steel titles.

There isn’t much in the way of game system in this reveal, and as it’s all characters there will be lots of images below the cut as well.

Details from this article are coming to you thanks to Dio’s scans of the issue!

As always, there will be Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II spoilers in this article!

The Unwavering Bonds that Illuminate the Beyond

Kondo’s Comments

As they have grown into adults, be prepared for the match ups of the original Class VII with the new!

After graduation from the military academy, the original Class VII chose to take their own different paths, and a year and a half later, after they have matured over time, Rean and his class will be encountering them. While they they were classmates of Rean’s while at the military academy, they have become musicians, bracers, lords, and so forth. As anxieties increase in Erebonia, they will step in to take action one by one. Events that show how much their connections grew over the time they were classmates at Thors Academy will be laid out through the game. In Sen no Kiseki III, as Juna and Kurt make their debuts as Rean’s students, you will be able to see how they inherit their roles as the Class VII from the original members. As the new Class VII meets with the original, they will both mutually find new strengths, so pay attention to see about how they interact through their exchanges.

Regarding their appearances, Elliot and Fie have grown a bit, and their hairstyles have changed. In Fie’s case, she might even find her now long hair slightly troublesome (Laugh). Emma seems to have taken on a similar style to the clothes worn by the now missing Vita from her time as Misty. As she has studied in the secrets in her village and grown into her role as a witch, will Emma potentially become a successor to Clotilde, her missing older sister…? In this work, many truths about the original Class VII members will come to light and you will learn about what they’ve been doing for the past year and a half. For example, the birth of both Millium and Altina, the mission of the witches, the incident that caused Gaius to break contact with the others, as well as the truth behind the core of many legends encountered, so please enjoy the game to learn about them. Additionally, the original Class VII members still have their abilities as subcontractors. You can expect them to come to Rean’s aid and use their abilities with him and the Divine Knight Valimar.

Alisa Reinford

Age: 20
Voice: Yui Horie

A child of the Reinford Group, the empire’s largest orbment maker.

She was Rean’s classmate while a member of Class VII, and through their investigation of events that happened, the relationship between the two grew.

After her graduation from Thors, she chose to help with management at the RF Group. With the help of her Grandfather Gwen, who returned as an advisor, and the support of Sharon, she studied up on combat management, soon earning a position as a senior manager within the company.

After she took up the helm of the division developing both the new tactical orbment, ARCUS II, and the new orbal staves, Alisa swore to reunite with Rean and her other friends as she constantly strives to handle negotiations between Thors Military Academy and the Epstein Foundation and other business needs.

Keyword: The Reinford Group

The Corporation with the Influence to Control Current Circumstances

This is the industrial creator behind the extravagant cruise liner, the Lusitania, and the train exclusive to administrative use, the Eisengraf. They were originally a weapons workshop during the middle ages, but experienced rapid growth during the Orbal Revolution. They held overwhelming shares through the development of steel, railroads, firearms, tanks, and other goods. Alisa originally opposed her mother, Irina, who had snatched control of the company from her grandfather and took up the office of the president, but she is now taking on management roles little by little in this game, and has built a solid career within the company.


Elliot Craig

Age: 19
Voice: Ryoko Shiraishi

A young man who has a genius sense of music and is the oldest son of the imperial general Olaf Craig.

He originally aspired to be a musician, but gave up on this due to his father’s opposition to the idea. He was enrolled into Thors Military Academy and as fate would have it, became friends with Rean and the others when he became part of Class VII.

After graduation from Thors, he gained forgiveness from his father and enrolled to the imperial music academy to take an intensive course on technique. He graduated quickly after one year.

He accomplished his professional debut as a musician and decided to go on a tour through the regions of Erebonia, seeking to use music’s healing power to create a way of peace for the people.

Keyword: Musician

Beyond When Dreams Come True…

Elliot aspired to become a musician due to being raised with the music performed by his mother, a famous pianist. Due to the opposition from his father, a military man, he gave up this route and enrolled into Thors Military Academy. After the great experiences he had there, he reached the point where his dreams could come true. Focus on his activities in this game to get an understanding for the direction he intends to take now that he has become a musician.


Laura S. Arseid

Age: 20
Voice: Mariya Ise

The daughter of famous Viscount Arseid.

She has studied the Arseid sword style since she was a young girl, and as her relationship with Rean and the rest of Class VII, she decided that she would continue on the path of the sword.

After graduation, she took on training in her swordsmanship with her father, Victor, in order to be handed down the secret techniques of the Arseid style, and she received her initiation while only 19 years old.

After qualifying to become an assistant instructor, Laura has begun traveling around the country to train further, seeking out incidents to better her swordsmanship.

As her skill with the sword improves, and as the imperial military expands, she has taken it upon herself to investigate for any movement of the Ouroboros within the empire.

Keyword: The Arseid Style

One of the Two Great Sword Schools of the Empire

The Vander sword style, used by the family that has served as the guardians of the imperial family, is one of two traditional schools in Erebonia. Where the Vander style serves as a ‘defensive’ style school, the Arseid style is said to sepcialize as an ‘offensive’ style. This is the reason why blades are often used two handed in this style. Victor S. Arseid, Laura’s father, is the current head of the style, with the successive title of ‘Radiant Blademaster.’ He is one of the three most powerful fighters of the empire.


Fie Claussell

Age: 17
Voice: Hisako Kanemoto

A girl who was originally a jaeger, given the alias of ‘Sylphid.’

After the breakup of the jaeger group, Zephyr, due to the death of its leader, a bracer named Sara recommended Fie to enter Thors Military Academy and become part of Class VII, and she matured there during her time as a student.

During the civil war, Fie re-encountered some of her old allies from Zephyr, and they disappeared, leaving her with their strange words, saying they wanted to bring back their leader.

She thought both about the true meaning of those words, and the things she can do for the sakes of those in Class VII, and chose to join the Bracer Guild after her graduation.

She gained the qualifications to become a full bracer at the age of sixteen, thanks to Sara and Toval’s leadership, and despite the government’s restrictions strengthening even more. Currently, she is doing work for the guild throughout the empire alongside Sara.

Keyword: Jaeger Group: Zephyr

One of the strongest and renown jaegers of the continent.

Alongside the Red Constellation, Zephyr is considered one of the strongest jaegers in western Zemuria. Its leader, Rutger Claussell, known as the “Jaeger King,” as well as “The War God,” Bardel Orlando, the leader of the Red Constellation, both died in a one on one battle with each other. During the civil war, Fie encountered her old allies Xeno and Leonidas who both stated that the group is currently acting to “bring back their leader,” though what they exactly meant by this is still unknown. Regarding Fie, Rutger treated her like a foster child. Not only was he a powerful fighter, but he had a kindness to his personality as well.


Jusis Albarea

Age: 20
Voice: Shinnosuke Tachibana

The second son of Duke Albarea, one of the lords of the Four Great Houses, and the younger brother of Rufus Albarea, the governor general of Crossbell.

He was always struggling with the idea of being born between the commoners and the nobles, but during his time with Class VII, he made close relationships with Rean and his classmates, who served as inspiration to him.

After graduation, he stepped in to support the noble faction in place of both his father and his brother, and though he has become a feudal lord at a young age, he still has plans to revitalize the Bareahard territory.

After the treatment of the Vander family and increasing tax reforms, pressures on the noble families have strengthened and unrest has begun to fill the air. Because of this Jusis has begun to communicate with the Hyarms and Rogner families behind the scenes…

Keyword: The Four Great Houses

The Great Noble Families that Stand Just Below the Emperor

Amongst the imperial noble families, these are the four with the highest status. They possess large territories across the four corners of the empire: the Cayenne family controls the Lamare Province in the west, the Albarea family controls the Kreuzen Province in the east, the Rogner family controls the Nortia Province in the north, and the Hyarms family controls the Sutherland Province in the south. After the Reformist Faction’s victory over the Noble Faction during the civil war, their current power of influence through Erebonia has weakened.


Machias Regnitz

Age: 20
Voice: Takuya Satou

This hardworking individual is the son of Governor Regnitz, a very influential person within Erebonia.

Despite his deep hatred for the noble class after a devastating incident within his family, he still grew to see both Rean and Jusis as friends despite their social statuses during his time as part of Class VII.

After his graduation from Thors, Machias considered a different path than both his father and chancellor Osborne when enrolling into an imperial political science school. With a strict diligence like his father, he worked and obtained the necessary credits within a year at the school.

At an exceptional 19 years old, he entered the office of inspector of the administration of justice, and has begun his work inspecting businesses across the empire, but he has also noticed Chancellor Osborne’s plans of “a certain political policy”…

Keyword: Commoners and Nobles

When he enrolled to Thors Military Academy, Machias at first hated the nobles and the noble system because of the suicide of his cousin, who was like a sister to him, after she was engaged to a noble. It is likely that many people during the civil war came to have the same feelings towards nobles that Machias did. While Machias’ friendships with Rean, Jusis, and Laura in Class VII softened his feelings, how do the citizens of Erebonia feel these days? You’ll want to pay attention to the relationships between the commoners and the nobles.


Emma Millstein

Age: 20
Voice: Saori Hayami

A member of family known as witches called the Hexen Clan.

As part of class Class VII she served as the class chairman and to support and guide Rean as an Awakener.

During the civil war, she was reunited with her sister, Vita Clotilde, who had not only cut contact with her, but had also become the Second Anguis of the Ouroboros. However, Vita once again disappeared after she was defeated by Osborne’s schemes.

After her graduation from Thors, she chose to search for Vita.

Emma returned to the chief of her village to study on the history involving their secrets and the empire. With this knowledge, she seeks out the places where the gnomes and witches gathered in an attempt to find information on Vita’s whereabouts.

Keyword: Hexen Clan

The clan with many mysteries passed down through them

These are the descendants of the mysterious family that has manipulated Erebonia’s history from the shadows. They are capable of performing magical arts that are different from orbal arts. In Emma’s case, she can heal injuries, unlock doors, and she can even have limited control over memories. When Divine Knights rise up during the times of great disturbances, they have a mission related to guide Awakeners to their Divine Knights. Emma completed this task regarding Valimar, the Ashen Knight, after enrolling to Thors Military Academy. However, there are still many unknowns regarding the clan at this point in the story, and many of these mysteries will be resolved within the game.



Age: ??
Voice: Mai Aizawa

Emma’s Familiar

A graceful black cat with elegant fur and can speak human words.

Apart from having her own personality, she is a cat-like familiar that is often utilized by the Hexen Clan, and acts as additional ‘eyes’ for Emma.

Though at first she was ensuring Rean’s capability as an Awakener, after the outbreak of the civil war, she ended up assisting Rean on her own as a partner.

After the civil war, she returned to the witches village with Emma. Now, she travels with Emma to look for these places in search of Vita.


Gaius Worzel

Age: 20
Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Born of the Nord Highlands, Gaius a kind nomad who strongly reveres both the goddess and the wind.

With the intention of learning the skills to protect his homeland, Gaius enrolled to Thors as an exchange student and became a member of Class VII. It was during this time that he came to call his place in Erebonia a second home with the friends he made.

Once the civil war ended, with the promise of reuniting with Rean and the others at a later date, Gaius returned to the Nord Highlands as the dangers of war threatened his homeland once again.

Sporatic battles have fired up between Republican and Imperial forces since the fall of the Crossbell region as a buffer, and so he has chosen to keep an eye out for the protection of Nord.

However, for a short while, Class VII has been unable to contact him.

Keyword: The People of Nord

The small collective of people to the north who are both brave and simple.

These are the people who live in the Nord Highlands in the north region of Erebonia. They carry on a nomadic lifestyle while specializing in hunting and animal husbandry. They are a well-known people with animist beliefs remaining from ancient times. During the War of the Lions, they supported Prince Dreichels and many of their soldiers assembled to assist him. As they are positioned at threshold between Erebonia and Calvard, they have been pulled into a territorial dispute between the two nations.


Millium Orion

Age: 15
Voice: Kotori Koiwai

A girl with an innocent personality that uses a silver combat shell called Argetlam. She is part of the Imperial Intelligence Division.

She is a member of the Ironbloods, using the codename ‘White Rabbit’ in her operations.

Before the civil war, she joined Class VII as part of a mission, but the friendships she made with her classmates created irreplaceable memories of the days that passed.

At times, she is assigned to work with Altina, and she still continues with her exchanges with Jusis after their friendship began during her time in Class VII.

Keyword: Combat Shell “Argetlam”

Millium’s mysterious weapon

This silver puppet is a companion to Millium, and it has a connection to items produced by the Black Workshop for the Ouroboros. It is produced with a strange material, can transform freely to some extent, speaks to Millium in a strange language, and provides high-speed air transport by allowing Millium to ride on it. It moves at Millium’s command, and can use its powerful force to smash objects with a single punch. Altina’s companion, Claiomh Solais, shares the same design as Argetlam.


Character Art

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