[#ThrowbackThursday] Dengeki Interview with Toshihiro Kondo About Sen no Kiseki and the Future of the Kiseki Series [GAME SPOILERS]


I will with the obligatory this post will have spoilers for Sen no Kiseki, and possibly the other Kiseki games. Please take this into account. They even flat out say at the beginning of the article that it is a spoiler interview.

As a result, I will mark most of the post behind a cut so that you won’t see it on the main site.

At the start of the interview itself, Kondo primarily speaks of the reception to the game from the users two months after its release.

This story ended with the school festival, and the next chapter will develop with this most recent game acting as a prologue.

While there were many mysteries left unresolved in the game, the interviewer asked about one of the big ones: the old school building.

Of course, this also leads to the talk of the bells found both at Lohengrin Castle and in the old school building. An interesting thing to note is that Kondo has responded to say that the bells are different. —

When Elise

Unresolved Mysteries





Master Quartz




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