Falcom and Sony Have Unveiled the Special Edition Sen no Kiseki III PlayStation 4 Unit

A few weeks back, Falcom unveiled that a Limited Edition PlayStation 4 console for Sen no Kiseki III will be made in collaboration with Sony. The design, details on the system and how to purchase it have been unveiled by Sony today.

The PS4 unit is jet black and will contain an installable top cover with sepia-toned crests for the Bracers Guild, the Gralsritter, the Lamare Province, the Erebonia Empire, the Ouroboros, and Crossbell along with the game’s title below.

Package Art and Theme Pictured Below

Sony has also confirmed that the system will have original packaging design, as well. One side having the new Class VII, and the other having the original Class VII.

Pre-Orders for it begin on 8/8. It will come in two versions. The 500GB unit will cost 33,480 yen. The 1TB unit will cost 38,480. This PlayStation 4 unit will also come with its own Sen no Kiseki III related theme, as well- but no details on the theme have been released.

The unit is available for preorder in the Sony stores located in Ginza, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. It can also be preordered nationally [Ed Note: nationally = Japan, in this case] on the e-Sony Shop.

Unit Details

HDD Capacity: 500GB/1TB
Price: 500GB: 33,480 yen + tax. 1TB: 38,480 + tax.
Release Date: 9/28/2017
Contents: Jet Black PS4 Unit + Sen no Kiseki III Top Cover, Sen no Kiseki III Original Theme, Sen no Kiseki III Original Design Package, Dual Shock 4 Wireless Controller (Jet Black) (CUH-ZCT2J), Mono Headphone Set, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, USB Cable.

Note: The PS4 Unit does not include Sen no Kiseki III.

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[ Sony PlayStation Blog (JP) ]
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