Ys and Other Games Are 50% Off on DLSite Through 8/21

To continue with the DLSite sales, Falcom has unveiled that Ys and a variety of other titles are all marked down 50% off. This sale continues on through 8/21. The titles that are on sale are listed below:

Title Original Price Sale Price
Ys I & II Chronicles 2700 yen 1350 yen
Gurumin 1080 yen 540 yen
Ys Origin 2700 yen 1350 yen
Brandish 4: The Tower of the Sleeping God 540 yen 270 yen
Sorcerian Original and Forever 1080 yen 540 yen
Ys: the Oath in Felghana 2700 yen 1350 yen
Xanadu Next 2700 yen 1350 yen
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim 2700 yen 1350 yen
VM Japan [Power-Up Kit Edition] 1080 yen 540 yen
Dinosaur Resurrection 1080 yen 540 yen
Vantage Master Online 540 yen 270 yen

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