2017 Earnings Forecast Amended – Celebratory Dividends Announced for the Sen no Kiseki Series Hitting 1 Million Copies Sold

Today, Falcom has released an update to their 2017 EOY earnings forecast, amending the predicted numbers upwards. The chart showing the old and new numbers is below.

Unless specified, all increments are in 1 million yen

  Total Sales Operating Profit Operating Income Term Net Income Income Per Share
(1 yen per share)
Prev. Announced
Forecast (A)
1,800 750 750 500 48.64
New Forecast (B) 1,980 860 860 570 55.45
Difference between (A) and (B) 180 110 110 70
Precent Changed 10.0% 14.6% 14.6% 14.0%
(For Reference)
Previous term’s results
1,464 584 584 386 37.64

Per the document released from Falcom, the explanation of the adjustment is related to not only the upcoming Sen no Kiseki III, but also for Ys VIII. Ys VIII on the PlayStation 4 has had better sales than expected for both domestic (ed. note: Japan) and Asian territories. Furthermore, the upwards adjustment of these numbers is also based on the preorders that have been received for Sen no Kiseki III, which is to be released next week on Sept 28, 2017.

Dividend Payout Increased

Additionally, Falcom also released another document to state that shareholders will be receiving a commemorative bonus to their yearly dividends, based on the fact that Sen no Kiseki and Sen no Kiseki II have both hit 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide. Details on the dividend will be released during the annual shareholder meeting in December of this year.

The dividend payout in 2016 5 yen per share, plus a 2 yen commemorative addition, totaling to 7 yen per share. 2017 will see the regular 5 yen per share, with a 3 yen commemorative payout, coming to a total of 8 yen per share.

[ Falcom IR Report – 2017 Earnings Adjustment (PDF) ]
[ Falcom IR Report – 2017 Earnings Adjustment – Dividend Information (PDF) ]

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