* Ancient Land of Ys – A major BBS with a number of fans of various Falcom games gathering.
* Eidenyaku – Esterior’s sister site. A translation team working on Gagharv and various manga series.
* Synchronicity – A Brandish fansite and team working on translating games.
* Scribes’ Slate – A team working on Brandish 4
* Hardcore Gaming 101 – A great site with a lot of information on various Falcom games.
* I Fidli di Gaucci – Mostly an Italian site, but this is the webpage for Doppiapunta- an Italian hacker who works on patches for Falcom games.
* Falcom Collections – A website devoted to collecting all the wallpapers released by Falcom.
* trailsinthesky.net – A blog with information on the Kiseki series and regular news updates.

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