How Do You Place an International Order?


Falcom has changed their international order process, through the update of their online store’s website. It is now located at:

Note: You can find details on international orders on the main menu of the website.

In this new system, you add the product to the cart first, using the ‘Add to cart’ button, as seen below.

Once you have added your item to the cart, you will want to ‘proceed to the register.’ Please see the image below for the correct button.

At this point, you will want to take the international order option:

When you click on International Order, the site switches into an English interface, to show you where you are in the steps, and gives you a form to fill out to provide your Delivery Address. The deliver address will be necessary to be able to determine a shipping cost- Falcom always uses EMS for shipping.

Once you have entered this information in, you will have an opportunity to confirm this information before you submit your order. From this point, Falcom will reach out to you via email with the offer for to complete the order.

Upon completing the form on the site, you will receive an email like the one to the right. (Thanks to Screya from the Falcom Discord for this screenshot!)

(More thanks to Screya for the rest of this!)

Once you have submitted this form, Falcom will respond to you via email. The next email you receive will have the price with your shipping combined in it, as you can see in the screenshot below. They will be sending you to an external link again, but this time to a secure payment system with Yamato Financial.

The Yamato Financial website will give you a form to fill out to make the payment, which I assume is sent back to Falcom upon completion. Please see the screenshots below for what you will see on the website for the payment:

Once this is done, Falcom will reach out to you one final time with another email. This email will confirm the order and successful payment, and they will then provide you with the tracking number and shipping date for your goods. Falcom only uses EMS shipping- so you will have no options for what shipping method to alleviate costs. However, EMS shipping is also extremely fast and from personal experience, I’ve seen packages arrive to the US in less than five days.

Something of note: once you have selected that you want an International Order, the site will remember this via cookies, and continue to bring you straight to the international order form when you want to check out.