Impending Revamp
Yes. I've been talking about it for awhile, but I nabbed Wordpress for this site, as well as setup a database for it. I'm in the process of selecting the new theme that I'll butcher into being similar to what I use now.

I've got very specific needs for it, since I've already figured out how to make this layout work. I will also create a 'side page' with all the old news on it, ie this stuff. And I'll probably turn off commenting or something on this side after a certain time.

I don't know yet. We'll see. But the important thing is, the change is happening.
Posted on 30 Jan 2011 by Floofy
Daily Specials
Also, Falcom's been doing a lot of Daily Specials, of late. Watch the twitter account for those specifically. I'll start doing posts for the Weekly Specials on here again this Monday.
Posted on 28 Jan 2011 by Floofy
In all of my other RL issues, I forgot about keeping an eye on the wiki and have been working to get rid of the spam, thanks to the spam bots. :(

I'll get in with the admin account later today and block off anonymous contributions on it, since that looks like it'll be a pain to leave that open. Or just ban the IPs, though I doubt that'll work, unfortunately. :(
Posted on 28 Jan 2011 by Floofy
Calendar Updated!
I'm starting to get into things again. I start a 9-6 job later this week, and on two days of the week, I'll be retaking my last class from school, so... I won't be around to do late night updates anymore.

BUT I'll be around to do noon-time updates during lunch breaks. But what I'd recommend is to keep watching my twitter, since that's where I'll be quicker to update.

I will be, in a few weeks, cutting this over to Wordpress. But I need to come up with a layout for it. So argh. We'll see what happens on that, right? :D If I don't, I'll just update cutenews and go with this same layout. But I need to find out what I can/can't do using wordpress. It'll be more secure and means I can do more from my phone, which is where I do a lot of my updates now.
Posted on 17 Jan 2011 by Floofy
Wait- A Hiatus? Again?
(This may be why I might need people to help me with posting.)

My life has upheaved itself on me violently. I lost my job, and I've lost a pair of close family members in the past few weeks.

I'm in the process of picking myself back up. I made my first news-y tweet today, and I intend to try to start getting more into it now that I've stabilized everything a bit more.

I apologize that I've not made any updates in awhile. I thank you all for your patience with me.
Posted on 14 Jan 2011 by Floofy
Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky Dated!
Per Silicon Era, it seems that Trails in the Sky will finally be released stateside on March 29th, 2011. Mark your calendars, everyone~

The release will be $29.99 in the US.

There is currently no word of a Limited Edition set, yet.

[ Silicon Era - Trails in the Sky Takes Flight in March ]
Posted on 07 Dec 2010 by Floofy
Weekly Special!
Sora no Kiseki FC Special This Week

The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC (Win 7 Version) (Originally 3960 yen)
Sora no Kiseki PSP Edition FC&SC Guidebook (Originally 1500 yen)
The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki Original Soundtrack (Originally 2980 yen)
Sora no Kiseki Photo Storybook (Not for Sale)
Sora no Kiseki Postcards (Not for Sale)

The total price for this set would normally be 8400 yen. The special price is 4200 yen!

This special is good until 12/12 or until 20 orders have been placed.
Posted on 07 Dec 2010 by Floofy
Playstation 2010 Awards
Congratulations to Falcom for winning one of the User Choice Awards for Zero no Kiseki during the 2010 Playstation Awards.

To see the other winners, please check out my blog with Sanctuary Crew.
Posted on 04 Dec 2010 by Floofy
"Kiseki" Series Anime?
Sorry I've been behind on posts. I got Assassin's Creed Brotherhood this week, so I'm sure you know where I've been. D: (It's so good too! If you like AC, nab it. But that's not what this post is about!)

I posted on Twitter earlier this week that Moonphase.

Well, one of the IR Reports posted on 11/10 (this is the 'Explanation' Report linked here- PDF format), states, on page three, that they "intend to strengthen the brand name with comics, anime, drama CDs, and other accessories".

Now, we've also got- I can only assume that it's her, at least- Ika-chan (is that Ika-chan on the twitter?) (or SOMEONE) on Falcom's twitter giving a great big ━━━ヾ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━ upon seeing the obi of the Sora no Kiseki manga vol 1 that is to be released on 12/10/2011.

(Yes. I totally copied that emoticon. It's awesome.)

This is all coming after Moonphase made ANOTHER post where he made a side note to it. This is the post I referenced on my tweets earlier this week.

This information is also now popping up on Anime News Network and Ancient Land of Ys. Is this finally going to happen?

I was curious when I heard grumblings about this on 2ch, but the moment that Moonphase started speaking about it, there had to be something going on- namely because he's a fairly reliable news source. I've seen him post things before official announcements several times before.

I'm going to go with this being one of them. Then again- that IR went out before his first post. Hmmm~

[ Falcom Investor Relations Page ]
[ Moonphase (post 1) ]
[ Moonphase (post 2) ]
[ Anime News Network Article ]
Posted on 20 Nov 2010 by Floofy
Weekly Special - 11/15
Zwei!! PC Special This Week

Zwei!! (WinXP) (Originally 3960 yen)
Zwei!! The Complete Guide (Originally 1900 yen)
Original Soundtrack Zwei!! (Originally 2980 yen)
Zwei!! Super Arrange Version (Originally 2800 yen)

The total price for this set would normally be 11,640 yen. The special price is 4700 yen!

This special is good until 11/21 or until 30 orders have been placed.

As this is outside the dates of the Winter Fair, it is not eligible for the bonus from it.
Posted on 15 Nov 2010 by Floofy

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