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Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Chapter 2 Now Live on Famitsu Comic Clear


Chapter 2 of Shinki Kitsutsuki’s Sora no Kiseki SC manga is now live on Famitsu Comic Clear. This chapter flashes back to the day after the battle, and as she recounts the past and her life with him, Estelle prepares for her new journey as she starts her search for Joshua. [ Famitsu Comic Clear …

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Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Chapter 1 Live on Famitsu Comic Clear!


Chapter 1 of Shinki Kitsutsuki’s new serial for Sora no Kiseki SC has officially begun. With the tenth anniversary of the Kiseki series around the corner, this is another piece of the celebration. The manga is slated to follow Second Chapter’s story, and if the first is any indication, Kitsutsuki will tell a faithful story …

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Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Starts at Famitsu’s Comic Clear Website on 6/20/2014


As part of the 10th anniversary celebration, Shinki Kitsutsuki’s manga adaptation of Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky SC will begin on the Famitsu Comic Clear website on 6/20. Shinki Kitsutsuki’s adaptation of the first game was a fun manga to follow, so there’s hardly any expectation of the same regarding this. At the very …

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Sora no Kiseki SC Manga Series to be Serialized On Famitsu Comic Clear


Falcom has announced this morning that the decision has been made for Shinki Kitsutsuki to continue the Sora no Kiseki manga through to SC as part of the Kiseki series 10th anniversary. Instead of being part of the Bandai Comics site, like the manga for Sora no Kiseki FC was, this time it will be …

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Chapter 46 (The Ending) of the Sora no Kiseki Manga is Now Live


The next, and final, chapter of the Sora no Kiseki manga is now live on Bandai Visual’s website. Chapter 46 is a lengthy one, in comparison to the others- reaching a total of 50 pages. This will only be available until 10/1, when it will be removed. The only way you will be able to …

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Sora no Kiseki Manga Chapter 45 Now Live


The Bandai Visual website now has chapter 45 of the Sora no Kiseki manga. This chapter includes Estelle and Joshua going after Grancel Castle, as it builds up to the exciting conclusion of First Chapter. As of this point, it’s still unknown whether or not Shinki Kitsutsuki will continue the manga onward to the story …

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