About Endless History

Endless History is a news blog focused on reporting news related to games by Nihon Falcom. This includes any related news regarding international releases of their titles, if possible. Many articles may also point to other companies, such as XSEED Games, Joyoland, and Ghostlight Games.

The ‘staff’ of the site includes just one person (for the time being)- by the name of Kirsten Miller. The site was created in 2009, to give a website for the English speaking fandom that was similar to that of Falcom Daisuki! for the Japanese fandom. The direction of the site changed, however, when SUGIMO closed Falcom Daisuki! due to family issues.

Currently, Endless History runs on the WordPress system, using a variant of the Graphene theme. The site is integrated into social media. You can contact Endless History via twitter through @EndlessHistory and Tumblr at esteriornet.tumblr.com.

About Kirsten Miller


Kirsten Miller goes by ‘omgfloofy’ in many gaming circles, and has been actively involved in the Falcom fan community since approximately 2004. She has a degree in Multimedia Development, and is planning to seek certifications in multiple disciplines. You can reach out to her personally on her personal twitter at @omgfloofy.

Kirsten is also an active member of Sanctuary Crew Gaming and actively streams on twitch. She has moonlighted for a short bit as a moderator on Ancient Land of Ys, but has relinquished her moderator position due to potential issues regarding conflict of interest. You can also find her as a regular on the Falcom Discord, /r/Falcom on reddit, the XSEED forums, and as ‘vorfeed’ on the Gamefaqs forums. You can find out the hosting information for Endless History’s servers at Sandwich.Net.


Articles on Endless History require research. Information that shows on 2ch (as this is a lot) first, will be held and not published until verification can be made, either through a source trusted by the editor, or through a magazine release.

Unless it is absolutely impossible, all sources will be cited- these citings will be found at the bottom of the articles. For any mistakes in translation, feel free to contact via the contact form on the site or through twitter or the ask.fm link in the Endless History twitter account.


Personal notation from Kirsten:

With the current issues regarding transparency, I would like to make sure people are aware that I will disclose any situations that may cause for conflict of interest. As I am the only writer on the site, the only options I have regarding articles that may have any sort of conflicting interests, my options will be to write the article with the disclaimer or not write the article at all.

I do have connections through people at XSEED Games- primarily through a friendship that existed with an employee before his employment with the publisher. If this comes into question at any point, please let me know, so that I can either correct/change the article, or add a disclaimer to the article itself.

Regarding the Amazon posts: There is an Endless History affiliate account with Amazon.com. This is only with the North American site, and any affiliate links will be openly declared as such. No links will secretly hide the affiliate code in them.

Why is iTunes not given equal representation vs Amazon? Both sides do provide DRM free music, but in the case with Amazon vs iTunes, Amazon is infinitely easier to browse, and there’s a better awareness for what is and isn’t available on Amazon to track when a new album is released.