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Company news on Nihon Falcom, their partner XSEED Games, and other companies responsible for localizing their releases in other countries.

Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 2/1/2016 – Tokyo Xanadu Game + CD Set

Tokyo Xanadu (Standard Edition) (Originally for 5880 yen) Tokyo Xanadu Original Soundtrack (Originally for 2980 yen) Tokyo Xanadu Original Screen Cleaner (Not for Sale) Original Stickers (Not for Sale) Special Community Information Sheet ‘Tachikawa Xanadu’ (Not for Sale) The total retail cost of this set is 8860 yen. The special price is –> 4,600 yen! …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 1/18/2016 – Tokyo Xanadu Game + Guide Set

With the Tokyo Xanadu Comic Anthology being released next week, Falcom has revealed that the weekly special for this week will be the game Tokyo Xanadu and the Guidebook. Tokyo Xanadu (Limited Edition) (Originally for 7000 yen) Tokyo Xanadu the Complete Guide (Originally for 1700 yen) Tokyo Xanadu Original Screen Cleaner (Not for Sale) Original …

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Falcom Year-End Special Part 2 – Win8 Version Ys ‘4 Title’ + Artbook Set

Some issues this week have caused for delay in getting this to you guys, and I apologize for that. So as a result, take into account that this will need to be jumped on fast if you’re interested, since it ends on Monday. Falcom is continuing with the Ys trend for a second part to …

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Falcom Year End Special – Ys ALL Soundtrack Set (12 CDs for 9200 Yen!)

Such a clunky title for this, but it makes sense, yes? To celebrate the 2016 release of Ys VIII – The Lacrimosa of DANA, Falcom has announced that this year’s Year End Special will feature twelve Ys CDs. The CDs included in this set are listed below: Ys Zanmai (Originally for 2000 yen) Ys Memories …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/14/2015 – Ys Memories of Celceta Game + Soundtrack Set

Tonight’s announcement for Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA makes this an appropriate choice, along with the Chinese language release of the game on 12/22. This set contains the game Memories of Celceta and its soundtrack together. Ys Memories of Celceta (PlayStation VITA the Best) (Originally for 3200 yen) Ys Memories of Celceta Original Soundtrack (Originally …

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Question and Answers from the 2015 Falcom Stockholders Meeting

While I will have a more detailed report once I see them go live, the question and answer session at the end of the stockholders meeting almost always hints as some interesting news. I will post a more detailed report once I see my regular source go live with his report on the meeting. Many …

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