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Company news on Nihon Falcom, their partner XSEED Games, and other companies responsible for localizing their releases in other countries.

Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/15/2014 – PS3 Sen no Kiseki SP and Visual Collection Book


If you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase Sen no Kiseki yet, here’s a good one with the Visual Collection book packaged with the Super Price edition of the game. The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Super Price Edition (PS3) (Originally for 4200 yen) The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Visual Collection Book …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 12/8/2014 – Ys VI Game and Vocal Album Set


This week’s special is the Windows 8 version of Ys VI along with the Songs of Zemeth album. Something to keep in mind, is to keep an eye out on these specials as we step closer to the end of the year. Falcom’s end of the year special is reliably the best deal of the …

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Falcom 2014 End of Year Financial Statement – Ys Will Be 2015’s Primary Initiative


Falcom released their financial reports for the fiscal year that ended on 9/30/2014. Some of the basic key points from the supplementary powerpoint for the balance sheet can be seen below: Total Sales: 2,541,000,000 yen (approx. $21,752,220) (a 38.1% increase from 2013) Operating Profit: 1,302,000,000 yen (approx. $11,145,760) (83.2% increase from 2013) Operating Income: 1,303,000,000 …

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jdkTV Episode 18 Now Available on NicoDouga


Episode 18 of jdkTV features part of the talk show with Toshiharu Okajima and Toshihiro Kondo during the Falcom Exhibit that took place during September. Okaji and Kondo pour over a chronological list of games released by Falcom with many anecdotes for in-company development. One of the things that Kondo points out that Ys I …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 11/17/2014 – Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD + Scenario Book + CD Set


[image] The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC Kai HD (Originally for 3200 yen) The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC Scenario Book (Originally for 2000 yen) Sora no Kiseki Zanmai (Originally for 2000 yen) Random Kiseki Goods The total retail cost of this set is 7,200 yen. The special price is –> …

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Tickets Going on Sale for the Next Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show Happening on 11/29


EDITED on 11/21/2014: The streaming info on NicoDouga has been added to the article. The sixth Falcom jdk BAND Live & Talk Show happens on 11/29/2014, focusing on the post-release talk about Sen no Kiseki II. Like the other events, this will also be at the Loft Plus One in Shinjuku. The doors will open …

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