As I have done each year, I plan to run a special raffle for Extra Life 2017. This year’s item is going to be the silver, Lionheart Edition box of Trails of Cold Steel from XSEED Games. Except the trick is that I had Toshihiro Kondo, Falcom’s president, autograph it at AnimeExpo this year.

The box itself is in great condition, and while it isn’t wrapped itself, the contents inside are still wrapped.

I will cover the shipping, both domestically and internationally- so all you have to do is pitch in for Extra Life!

How Do I Enter the Raffle?

It’s easy. The first thing you do is drop a donation of $10 or more to my Extra Life participant page. (As an aside, the more that gets donated, the closer you will get to my pre-gameday stretch goals, as well. Learn more about those here!)

Once you have entered the raffle, then fill out the form at the end of the article.

During my stream, at some point between 10pm and 12am central time, I will draw the name from the list of donors and that person will win the limited edition box. I will also be giving away other, smaller prizes, of course! But I know you all are really just interested in the big prize. :D

If you win, I will be reaching out to you via email within a few days after gameday, and I promise to be faster than before with getting this prize out in the mail for you.

Good luck! I hope to hear from all of you by gameday and to see you drop by in my stream at some point!