Chinese Release for Ys Seven PC Set for June 20, 2012

Amazon.cn is showing a 6/20 release date for Ys Seven’s PC release. I will update this on the calendar.

The items included, per Amazon.cn’s information follow:

* Miniature PVC figure of Reah. (I’ve seen other sets that have Aisha or Tia as well, also.)

* Ys Seven Complete Guide

* Ys Seven Visual Collection Book

* 18cm PVC Adol Figurine

* Ys Seven Logo Necklace

There is also what I *think* is a cell phone strap and a prequel novel for the game.

I have included better photos of the Adol figure, plus what I’ve found of the Reah, Aisha, and Maya figures while I’m at it, below:

[ Amazon.cn Page for Ys Seven ]


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  1. Matron

    I want that Adol Figurine!

  2. Unsavory Maggot

    I want that LE! :o Well, I have 4 months to do it, so it WILL happen!

  3. Apocrypha


    1. Kirsten Miller

      Tia is one of the heroines from Ys Seven.

      1. Apocrypha

        Aware. I just didn’t see Maya up there, but did see Tia.

        1. Kirsten Miller

          Oh, I see it now. I must’ve had my wires crossed when writing the post. It happens sometimes. I’ll correct it now.


  4. Jotamide

    I hope this gets localized in NA. (By XSeed maybe?)

    1. Kirsten Miller

      Sadly, I’d probably prefer it not to be if it’s anything like the Zero no Kiseki release on PC. Super DRM heavy, and buggy beyond all get out. At least for me. I was only able to run my copy once because of issues with securom8 on it… and even then, I couldn’t get any sound working on it at all.

      Since then, not only will it not load, but I have to enter my serial # *every time* and it doesn’t even accept it.

      We don’t need more games with that much on the way of DRM.

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