Chinese Release for Ys Seven PC Set for June 20, 2012 is showing a 6/20 release date for Ys Seven’s PC release. I will update this on the calendar.

The items included, per’s information follow:

* Miniature PVC figure of Reah. (I’ve seen other sets that have Aisha or Tia as well, also.)

* Ys Seven Complete Guide

* Ys Seven Visual Collection Book

* 18cm PVC Adol Figurine

* Ys Seven Logo Necklace

There is also what I *think* is a cell phone strap and a prequel novel for the game.

I have included better photos of the Adol figure, plus what I’ve found of the Reah, Aisha, and Maya figures while I’m at it, below:

[ Page for Ys Seven ]


8 thoughts on “Chinese Release for Ys Seven PC Set for June 20, 2012

    • Sadly, I’d probably prefer it not to be if it’s anything like the Zero no Kiseki release on PC. Super DRM heavy, and buggy beyond all get out. At least for me. I was only able to run my copy once because of issues with securom8 on it… and even then, I couldn’t get any sound working on it at all.

      Since then, not only will it not load, but I have to enter my serial # *every time* and it doesn’t even accept it.

      We don’t need more games with that much on the way of DRM.

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