New and Returning Sen no Kiseki II Characters Revealed in Magazines for 7/10/2014 – Page Updates for 7/10 and 7/17


Many thanks to @exeforce87 for the scans!

Note: Due to the delays on getting this article out, I’m kind of mixing it with the past two weeks’ website updates as well. So it’s pulling information from the Dengeki, Famitsu, and Falcom’s website updates.

As this is a long article, I’m pulling it underneath the cut.



Age: 15
c/v: Satomi Satou

Kiseki Series Spoilers



Age: Unknown
Weapon: Fire
c/v: Junichi Suwabe

As the Ouroboros pushes forward with their Phantom Blaze Project, Legion No. I makes his appearance. McBurn is able to manipulate fire, and seems to know something about the power sleeping in Rean and may know a bit about his true nature. Though McBurn seems to be listless, in reality, he is a top class Legion, who is said to be comparable to the Anguis Arianrhod.


Age: Unknown
Weapon: Sword and shield
c/v: Naomi Oozora

Dubarry is the head soldier of the specialist team of knights that serves under Arianrhod, the Seventh Pillar of the Ouroboros. Like the Sword Emperor, she fights with overwhelming speed, and has earned the alias ‘the Swift.’ She uses her speed with her sword skills to obliterate her enemies. She also holds an antagonistic position to the Arseid family and Laura’s parents.

Shop Updates

Many of preorder bonus items now have images for them, so you can look into them, things like the Estelle and Joshua costumes for Alisa and Rean, or the tapestries and so forth.

System Updates


Every character has a special skills that they earn at fixed levels. They can attack an area of enemies, place status effects on them, or even heal and support your own characters. They are used by spending Craft Points (CP), which is earned during attacks and taking damage.


Once a character has over 100 CP, they will be able to use a high powered craft known as an S-Craft. Also, when using the triangle key and the cursor for the designated character, it is possible to insert the S-Craft in the middle of battle before the character’s next turn. An S-Craft can easily turn the tide of battle, and pull you out of a pinch.

Asteion Knights (Jusis)


Northern Exceed (Sara)


Galaxy Cannon (Miriam)


Ougi – Shishikou Shouzan (Laura)

Kaleido Force (Claire)

Superior Link Abilities

Superior link abilities will help raise the party’s abilities in combat significantly.

* This will function not too unlike the Link Ability system from Sen no Kiseki, when characters will be able to assist each other automatically in combat.
* In the previous game, the Link Ability system maxed out at level 5, but in Sen no Kiseki II, the abilities have been expanded and new skills can be learned at higher levels.
* As friends deepen their relationships with each other, they will be able to gain access to the superior link abilities.

Examples of Superior Link Abilities:

Great Rage

The character becomes angry when their partner is attacked, and their CP is raised 75 points.

Instantaneous Fierce Pursuit

During pursuit, damage is increased by 1.5x. There is also an added special effect of SPD Down on the enemy.

Burst Arts II

Partner’s arts are strengthened to do 1.5x more damage.

Special – Support Banners

For the 160×160 and 160×600 banners, you can find banners for Alfin, McBurn, and Dubarry.
For the 120×240 and 234×60 S-Craft cut-in banners, you can now find Elise, Angelica, Towa, Claire, and Rufus.


A TV commercial is planned to start airing in Japan during late July (from 7/18 to 7/21), and will be shown at the following times on the following stations:

Cut for Spam

Special – Weekly Wallpapers


Resolutions Available:


Resolutions Available:

This wallpaper will be available until 7/24/2014.

Early Designs

The Dengeki issue also featured some early artwork of the Sen no Kiseki characters- both in art and in early 3D graphics. You can see that Rean and Alisa not only had slightly different designs, but completely different weapons as well.


Though looking at the early artwork for Laura, Jusis, Machias, Towa, and Claire- they didn’t have too much of a difference. Not at all like the changes made to Rean and Alisa above.


[ 4gamer.net article on McBurn and Dubarry ]
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[ Official Sen no Kiseki II Website ]


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