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Falcom Q1 Report for 2016 – Total Sales Down 45.4% from 2015 Q1


Editor’s Note: This article looks bad. I was worried about writing it but glad I waited to let it process mentally before I actually wrote it, because there are some things from a bigger picture that are worth pointing out. I’ll do so at the end of the article to prevent confusion. Today, Falcom revealed …

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Question and Answers from the 2015 Falcom Stockholders Meeting

While I will have a more detailed report once I see them go live, the question and answer session at the end of the stockholders meeting almost always hints as some interesting news. I will post a more detailed report once I see my regular source go live with his report on the meeting. Many …

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End of Year 2015 Report Summary: The New Ys Will Be Released in 2016


Falcom has released the End of Year 2015 Financial Report. For now, recipe I will be following the powerpoint summary that they released. I will write up a translation of the more detailed balance sheet in a couple of weeks. Though there are definitely some interesting numbers in the primary balance sheet that I will …

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Falcom 2014 End of Year Financial Statement – Ys Will Be 2015’s Primary Initiative

Falcom released their financial reports for the fiscal year that ended on 9/30/2014. Some of the basic key points from the supplementary powerpoint for the balance sheet can be seen below: Total Sales: 2,541,000,000 yen (approx. $21,752,220) (a 38.1% increase from 2013) Operating Profit: 1,302,000,000 yen (approx. $11,145,760) (83.2% increase from 2013) Operating Income: 1,303,000,000 …

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Falcom’s Stock Hits the Yearly High on the Week of Sen no Kiseki II’s Launch


When the Nikkei closed for 9/22/2014, Falcom’s stock had hit a value of 1,598 yen. The previous day, it was showing at 1,301, making the increase a 22.83% change upwards. When the Nikkei opened on 9/22, the stock had been priced at 1,329. It had a high of 1,599 and a low of 1,313. When …

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Falcom Earnings Forecast Adjusted Based on Sen no Kiseki, Sen no Kiseki II, and Memories of Celceta


  Original Forecast Adjusted Forecast Percent Changed Total Sales ¥ 1, tadalafil 900, cialis 000,000(approx. $17,721,420) ¥ 2,400,000,000(approx. $22,384,960) ?26.3% Operating Profit ¥ 750,000,000(approx. $6,992,380) ¥ 1,200,000,000(approx. $11,187,950) ?60.0% Operating Income ¥ 750,000,000(approx. $6,992,380) ¥ 1,200,000,000(approx. $11,187,950) ?60.0% Fourth Quarter Net Income ¥ 460,000,000(approx. $4,288,640) ¥ 720,000,000(approx. $6,712,650) ?56.5% Falcom has posted an adjustment of …

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