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Falcom Magazine vol 33 Now Live on Shinanobook.com


Issue 33 of Falcom Magazine has gone live on Shinanobook today for 200 yen. This issue contains the following features: It contains the following: * ‘The Bracer That Saved Rean and the Others is Really…?!’ – Drama CD ‘Zero no Kiseki Pre-Story: The Ring of Judgement’ Scenario Publication * Everyone Assemble! Falcom Academy, by Daisuke …

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Falcom Calendar Updated – New Wallpaper Posted


Falcom’s updated the monthly calendar on their website to release their December wallpaper, focused on Sen no Kiseki once again. It is available in the following resolutions: 1024×768 1280×960 1920×1080 1920×1200 There are several things added to the calendar, including something to not be confused by- Sen no Kiseki’s original soundtrack is shown on two …

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JDK Band Live at TGS 2013 – Courtesy of Japanator’s Elliot Gay


It’s no secret that Falcom has had a lot of events planned to have at their booth at Tokyo Game Show this year. One of them is several performances by the jdk Band. Thankfully, our favorite Elliot Gay (and friends!) managed to catch one and even capture most of it on video! Check out the …

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Falcom Weekly Special – Week of 9/9/2013 – JDK Band CD and DVD Set


Sen no Kiseki will be released in just under three weeks, and Tokyo Game Show will be next week. The jdk Band will have several performances at TGS, and will have its next concert on Friday, 9/27/2013- the day after Sen no Kiseki’s release. As a result, celebrate the band with this week’s special! Kanako …

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Upcoming Events: jdk Band Concert on 9/27 and Falcom Radio 100th Episode on 10/13


Falcom jdk Band Live in Osaka Bigcat The day after the release of Sen no Kiseki, the jdk Band will perform in Osaka at the BIGCAT Sinsaibashi Live House. This is on 9/27/2013. Closer to the release date, we’ll have more information on the ticket prices, availability, and concert times. As of this point, no …

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Okaji, Angelo, and Mizuki Reviewing the Latest jdk Band Video


According to Angelo and Mizuki’s tweets, the next volume of the jdk Band concert videos (blu-ray most likely?) should be released soon. This will be the video of the New Years Live concert from this January. They were involved in checks for it (and Angelo is dealing with a cold, as well)- and I wonder …

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