More updates to Falcom’s website

YsI-II Chronicles is released today!

Ys Seven Demo Movie
The obvious is that Falcom has posted the demo movie for Ys Seven. There was a youtube link earlier, but now I’ve got the actual link on their site.

Please enjoy.

[ Ys Seven Downloads Page ]

Ys I-II Chronicles Website Updated
More wallpapers and themes are now posted on the Ys Chronicles site.

Dark Fact for the PSP wallpaper. The PC wallpaper is of Adol, Dogi, Feena, Reah, and Lilia, as is the PSP theme.

[ Ys Chronicles Downloads Page ]

Ys Chronicles Machi-Uke Site
To celebrate the release of the game, you can find mobile images if you use a cell phone in Japan, for Ys Chronicles.

[ Ys Machi-Uke ]

60 Ys Chronicles Wallpapers on Falcom’s G-Mode
Again, if you use a cell phone in Japan, G-Mode has 60 wallpapers for mobile phones.

[ Falcom G-Mode ]

Ys Portal Site Updated!
Falcom has made two updates to the portal site. New wallpapers and more senryuu submitted by fans are now displayed on the site.

[ Ys Portal Site ]

Calendar Wallpapers Updated
Falcom posted an Ys Seven wallpaper put together of images from the opening of Ys Seven for the 8/09 PC calendar.

[ Falcom Calendar ]

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