Fal-Column Updates and Ys Portal Site updated! (And more!)

I’m so behind on Updates. Sorry about that! Life’s kept me busy since I got back from Cleveland. Anyway!

EdoMusume Tenka Taihen! event report
There are reports coming in from the event where they not only played some of Ys Seven, but they also had some information from Legend of Heroes VII. I don’t have fully confirmed information (namely since it comes from 2ch for the girl’s name, and two others with her that were shown), but we do have an image from the Fal-Column for her.


According to people talking on 2ch, her name is Ellie- of course, this being 2ch, don’t take this as set in stone.

There were also, apparently, two other characters revealed: Ramia Ishtar and Lex Lagoon.

There’s other stuff, but I’ve not had time to really translate the whole entry. Sorry. :(

Ys Seven #1 on Yahoo Games for the third week in a row
FFXIII is gaining, but it doesn’t seem to have caught up yet! :o

Ys Seven Play Report Part 3
Ika spends her time this time, talking about Elk. When his site went up, she thought he looked like the sort of character she’d like. Turns out that he was! She says he reminded her of some of the styles of characters from Zwei II.

She finally got to play a boss battle with Adol, Dogi, and Elk. …and it seems like Elk died. :(

Ys Seven Play Diary Part 4
Here, Ika-chan talks about the way that Aisha plays and talks about a few of her skills- like Wide Arrow and Somersault.

The next entry will be about the Extra Skills.

Ys Seven Complete Guide Announced
This guide will be released on 9/17, the same day as Ys Seven, by ASCII Media Works. It sells for 1700 yen. This is being added to the calendar list on the site.

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