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I’ve been a little slow on an update, but that’s okay, since I’ve got a lot to add, right?

YsSeven Play Diary 5
Ika-chan talks about Mustafa and Extra Skills. She comments that you fill your extra gauge by using skills and just over time. There’s also another mention that she thinks using Flash Guard increases your Extra Gauge as well.

If I’m correct, she’s a little wary to use Flash Guard because of the risk it poses, too. You deal critical damage if you counter after using it, but if you miss-time the Flash Guard, you take critical damage instead.

Ys Seven Play Diary 6
Entry #6 is about boss fights. Ika also talks about skills and learning them through weapons. She emphasizes that it is very important to pay attention to your weapons.

Ys Portal Site Updated
New Senryuu posted- for 8/26~9/1

New phantom Piccard is now posted on the website.
New quest! This is one of those ‘what differences do you see?’ things. The picture has been reversed and pictures have been put into the other variant. Count the number of differences in the picture and submit an entry to Falcom to see if you can win an Ys Seven muffler-towel!

Ys Seven Website Updated
Downloads Page Updated
Two new PSP Wallpapers – One of Draizen, and another wallpaper of Adol.
New PC Wallpaper – Mishera

New Screenshots from the Ys Seven website added to Esterior gallery

Update to the System Page – Boss Battles
The first monster it speaks of is a large, two headed monster. The heads are long, though, giving it a long reach for attack away from its body. It’s crucial to find its weak point and aim at it.

There is a point when it lowers its physical attack power, but you will start seeing ‘WARNING’ flashing on the screen as a headsup that it’s about to use a fast counterattack.

The site also brings up the attack evasion ability. If you time it correctly, using the X button when an enemy attacks, you will evade, moving in the direction of the d-pad. It is a very good move in increasing the distance between you and the enemy.

iTunes music discount campaign
With Ys Seven going on sale soon, Falcom has had cut the prices for 13 albums on iTunes Japan. These are all albums that have to do with Ys III, IV, or V.

If the album was originally 1500 yen, it’s now down to 900 yen. If it was 3000 yen, it’s now down to 1800 yen.

1) Music from Ys III
2) JDK Band 4 – Ys IV vs Legend of Xanadu
3) Music from Ys V
4) Ys V Orchestral Version
5) Perfect Collection Ys III
6) Image Album Ys V Kefin Lost City of Sand
7) Perfect Collection: The Dawn of Ys Vol. 1
8) Ys JDK Special
9) Perfect Collection: The Dawn of Ys Vol. 2
10) Ys JDK Special: The Dawn of Ys
11) Perfect Collection: The Dawn of Ys Vol. 3
12) Ys Piano Collection 2
13) Wanderers from Ys Super Arrange Version

Ys Seven has been #1 on Yahoo Games’ Anticipated List for 4 weeks now.

Sora no Kiseki Fanbooks
Sora no Kiseki FC Scenario Book
This book contains the script for all the main events and sub events from Sora no Kiseki FC.

Item Number on Falcom’s Page: B49
Size/Pages: A5/488
ISBN: 978-4-7753-0748-9
Sale Date: 9/26/2009
Price: 2000 yen

The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki FC SC the3rd World Guidance Book
However, we seem to have more information on this book.

This book contains materials on the world and setting for the Sora no Kiseki trilogy. It is fully loaded with important information. All the organizations from within and around Liberl have come together to compile this information into one single record. Character details, organization history, as well as background on the construction of the game’s world – every detail of it is explained.

Chapter 1: ‘Liberl News Service Supplement – Traveler’s Guide’ – Information on the kingdom itself, its structure, and all the cities are compiled together by the Liberl News Service.
Chapter 2: ‘The Shining Ring – Investigation Record of the People Involved’ – A report on the important players of the disaster around the Liberl Kingdom, compiled by the R&A Research Company.
Chapter 3: ‘Gospel Project Incident Detail’ and ‘Orpheus Final Project Report’ – Reports both compiled by the Bracer’s Guild and the Septian Church.
Chapter 4: Complete Book Text Collection – Contains the full text from the back issues of the Liberl News Service, Carnelia, Gambler Jack, The Authentic Account of the Hundred Days War, and Doll Knight

Item Number on Falcom’s Page: B50
Size/Pages: B5/176 Pages, All Color
ISBN: 978-4-7973-5577-2
Sale Date: 9/28/2009
Price: 2600 yen

Also- since I didn’t post information on it either, I’m sorry. :(

Ys Seven the Complete Guide
Item Number on Falcom’s Page: B48
Size/Pages: A5/160 pages

ISBN: 978-4-04-868107-0?C0076
Publisher: MediaWorks
Sale Date: 9/17/2009
Price: 1700 yen

Fan Translation Projects?!
Since I’m going to actually keep an eye on them for this site too, there are a bunch of projects starting to come out of the woodwork.

Keep your eyes open on the Ys Origin Project (I’m not just saying that because I’m part of it), because an announcement for it will be made soon.

However, while watching Ancient Land of Ys, it seems that a whole bunch of them are now popping up. Ghideon Zhi has recently stated that he is still working on the Ys V SNES translation. Wyrdwad has been working on Xanadu Next. There’s been a secret, unnamed project talked about on on ALoY, as well as interest in translating Zwei II.

what kind of person am i if i don’t mention my sora no kiseki project??? D:

Extra Life Charity Gaming Marathon
Sanctuary Gaming Streams will be taking part of the Extra Life Marathon to take place on October 17 – 18, 2009. This is of interest due to the fact that they will be streaming their 24 hour game run attempt, playing nothing but games from the Ys series.

You can view their stream by visiting this site.

More information will be posted on how to donate/sponsor for them as it comes out.

All proceeds from the Extra Life Marathon go to the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

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