Extra Life Campaign

SinceI’m participating in the Extra Life campaign, I’ve added a small banner flag for our donation links.

You can find more information on the linked site, but on October 17th, we will be running games for 24 hours straight on that streaming channel.

This is to benefit the cancer center at Texas Children’s hospital in Houston, Texas. All we ask is a donation of $24- this is $1/hr for the marathon. We will never see a dime ourselves, as the donation site sends the money directly to the hospital.

They accept money in the forms of all major credit cards and paypal.

We will also be streaming our marathon attempt at http://www.livestream.com/fortemp3/ on October 17. Feel free to visit us any other time, however, as we do streams outside of the charity time as well.

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  1. Hi. I read this game blog and love Falcom too. (I'm actually from Texas too but moved to VA for work). It was kind of sad to see there were very little donation so I donated under your link. =) I hope it does good for children's cancer research.

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