Wednesday Updates – 10/1

Sora no Kiseki Support Campaign Start

This is a campaign/contest that is running from 10/1 to 10/25.

The goal is to create a one-line slogan describing how you feel for the games to to celebrate the ‘Super Price Set’ (more on that below!) that is to be released in December.

All entrants will receive a special wallpaper for entering.

100 entrants will receive a postcard collection with 16 images, many of which are new illustrations.

To enter, you send an email to: s o r a – c @ f a l c o m . j . p (remove the spaces, of course) with 空の軌跡応援キャンペーン as the subject line. (Means ‘Sora no Kiseki Support Campaign’)

Along with your one line slogan, the following is requested:
Penname (Required), your phrase (required), and age and gender (optional).

Some images from the post card collection:

Sora no Kiseki Manga Starts!
The first chapter of the Sora no Kiseki manga is now up on Yomban.

There’s also grumbling that some people of the translation project may be scanslating it. More info later as they bring it up. :D

The next chapter will be updated on 11/2.

Falcom Super Price Series releases!
The Sora no Kiseki trilogy and Gurumin both on PSP will be seeing ‘Super Price Series’ rereleases on 12/10 of this year. The Sora no Kiseki Trilogy set will be 8800 yen. Gurumin will be 2800 yen.

Falcom Fair Winter ’09
There will be the Falcom Fair ’09 to commemorate the release of the Super Price edition games.

During this time, for any Falcom PSP game purchased, you’ll receive Sora no Kiseki postcards as a present. 4 of the 16 postcards will be randomly selected and added. (?? Am I right on this? My Japanese seems to have shut off suddenly.)

Investor Reports
Three investor reports posted on Falcom’s site today. These are pretty much the same as the above mentioned information, but for investors that are interested in the company’s progress. I have included them on the update as people may be interested in them.

10/01/09 – Sora no Kiseki manga begins
10/01/09 – Falcom Fair Winter ’09
10/01/09 – Falcom Super Price Series

Ys Portal Site Updated
On 9/30, there were updates to the Ys Portal site again.Searching for Adol’s party, and Let’s Go, Fairies have both ended.Two new quests have begun: ‘The Girl’s Anxious Affections’ and ‘Scattered Messages have begun.

The first quest is comparing two mirrored images and counting all the differences. Three people will win the Ys Seven store edition demo disc, signed by three individuals- the names I see are ‘Kamita, Mikami, and Kotera’ – I’m sure one is Kaneko Kotera.This quest runs from 9/30 to 10/6.

The other is that Tia has lost a message that need to be delivered to Elk from Fatima, and needs help finding them scattered across the site.

This time, the search area includes the Ys Portal Site top page, within the portal site, and all of the event pages.

Wherever Maya may appear or disappear (???), click on the scrap of paper that appears to have been thrown aside by Maya.

The first paper is out from 9/30 to 10/6.

All entrants receive a special wallpaper. This quest will last, total, until 10/27.New 4koma have been added to the Illustration section.

New Senryuu for Sept have been posted.

Site Maintenence
I’ve updated the release list on the menu on the right.

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  1. Oh great, I forgot about the campaign. I was wondering if it's alright if you could send me the special wallpaper they were talking about. Pretty please? Lol. Also, just wondering but how many artbooks or books do you have of Sora no Kiseki?

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