Falcom’s Last Update of 2009

A few updates have been made.

Calendar Updated
I neglected to mention that there’s a new calendar wallpaper for Feb 2010 on their calendar site. Enjoy it. Because it is hilarious and awesome.

New Secret Wallpapers Added
Members of the Falcom News mail magazine will be treated with two New Year wallpapers that will be up until 1/24/2010.

Ys I&II/Seven Set Preorders now open
You can now preorder the set if you don’t have it already.

Ys Portal Site Updated!
Quests have begun again.
This quest is Redmont at New Years.
Elena needs to know how many of these plumes are scattered throughout the picture.
You have until 1/15/2010 at 15:00 (Japan time, of course) to submit your answers.
All correct answers get a special wallpaper.

Fal-Column Updated!
I’m sure people will be interested in this. Dogi Masshigura makes a post of upcoming projects in the last column post for the year.
First, you can hear a sample of Hugo’s voice from the Felghana PSP release. Just click on the image in the post to hear the audio.
Second, two more rough illustrations for Ys vs Sora no Kiseki. Looks like Mishera and Renne are now confirmed for the game- or at least, as confirmed as it gets.
There is an amusing note about Tita in her Orbal Gear vs Renne with Patel Matel. “Could this be Super Robot Wars or something!?” There’s also a hint with Mishera about seeing a Black Mercenary. Hmm?
Third item is more information on Legend of Heroes VII in the form of two screenshots.
First is likely to be recognizable from the secret information book that was released with Ys Seven. The second is the interior of a theater. With the first screenshot, there’s a mention of how huge the city is. With the second, is a question asking if we’ll see the White Flower Madrigal there.
He ends the post stating that if he gives away anymore, the staff will be scolding him, and he wishes everyone to take care and have a happy New Year.

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